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found pleasant or attractive

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  • On his July 24 program, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh thought “a lot of these questioners were idiots.” He especially didn’t like the citizen who asked each candidate to say something they liked and disliked about the person next to them. journalism.org

  • "He was an incredibly dedicated surgeon who cared deeply for his patients," the health board said. "He was well-liked and greatly respected by one and all. He was a very compassionate and a wonderful human being. telegraph.co.uk

  • "I didn't hear anything else, then towards the end after Gaz [Gareth Bale] scored I sort of picked things up that the fans weren't as lively as we would've liked if we'd been in the top four, and you sort of got that feeling towards the end of the game." telegraph.co.uk

  • "I didn’t think I would ever get it sorted.  I liked my nose – I liked the character of it. Even so, the surgeon did a fantastic job. The back of my sinuses had crumbled and I needed new ones drilled. He took cartilage from my ribs to help rebuild it." telegraph.co.uk

  • "I told him I really liked all sorts of music, and he told me don't try and play like other people. He, like me, was a self-learner. He said: 'You're on your own path now, so just carry on – it will be your way of playing." theguardian.com

  • "I would do it once a month," Morgan told the jury. "I liked it because it was very unemotional and you didn't get attached. I remember the first one, I shook her hand after I left. It was just like that - unemotional." telegraph.co.uk

  • "My school gave us more independence with regards to learning the content than I sometimes would have liked, however the pastoral network at school was incredible, and I received so much encouragement from my head of year and the sixth form pastoral staff. telegraph.co.uk

  • "She never confessed to being a fantastic gardener, but there were certain colours she liked in the garden - soft pinks, whites, yellow, pastel shades. She used to turn her nose up if I ever put red or deep purple flowers." telegraph.co.uk

  • "So sad to hear Geordie Gregg [sic] is about to be fired as editor of the Mail on Sunday. I always rather liked him," Clarkson wrote, before adding: "Sorry Geordie. I may have published something which is horse s--t. Annoying, isn't it." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We caught the crest of a wave of interest in older music, and we also benefited from two technologies, the LP and the CD, and surprisingly people actually liked what we were doing," he laughs. "Really, I think we were extraordinarily lucky." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We liked her from the off. She's a girly girl, so I can talk make-up and clothes to her. It's such a treat - having had two sons, I've had years of remote-control cars and standing out in the rain, and at last I can talk to someone about posh shoes." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We must accept it and hope with everything we have that with continued support and patience he will one day be back with us. Racing was his life and no one would have liked to have been here more than him." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We received many responses from participants telling us that they liked the interactive nature of the survey," said Dr. Barzilay. "Some of them explicitly said that they found the personalized feedback to be useful during these stressful times." sciencedaily.com

  • "We worked liked hell to get... ready," one executive told the Press Association. Their bank had begun to prepare for the scheme last September, they said, but in the months that followed, "communication has been threadbare". telegraph.co.uk

  • 'I was beginning to love my thief, a man I barely knew, but whom I had trusted and even liked, and who had taken my savings, amongst many other crimes.' A bravura piece of very personal reportage by Hanif Kureishi about the man who stole his life savings. telegraph.co.uk

  • 'Oh yeah! The near heart attacks, all the hallucinating, and the whole f------ thrill of chasing my dealers down – everything that was wrong about doing drugs I liked about it.’ Because you were a thrill-seeker, and a lonely man to boot? telegraph.co.uk

  • A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson told the Telegraph: “Richard is a much valued and well liked colleague. We are extremely worried that he is missing and we all hope he will be found safe and well soon.” telegraph.co.uk

  • A I don't know. Saying all four disciplines is such a mouthful, I can imagine eyes glazing over as they roll by. STEM isn't so bad. What I liked about SMET was the subliminal "sex" message. But then I'm a biochemist. nature.com

  • A Premier League club liked the look of a manager. They made the call and were told that, yes, he was interested but that it would take €20million (£17.1million) to get him out of his contract. The interest ended there and the club went for someone else. telegraph.co.uk

  • A Telegraph investigation finds that Instagram’s algorithm was promoting more self-harm content to young people who had already liked such images and accounts. The findings prompted condemnation from children’s charities and a leading child psychologist. telegraph.co.uk