Liking Definitions

Liking \Lik"ing\, n.

1. The state of being pleasing; a suiting. See On liking,

2. The state of being pleased with, or attracted toward, some thing or person; hence, inclination; desire; pleasure; preference; -- often with for, formerly with to; as, it is an amusement I have no liking for.

3. Appearance; look; figure; state of body as to health or

Liking \Lik"ing\ (l[imac]k"[i^]ng), p. a.

Looking; appearing; as, better or worse liking. See Like,

Liking thesaurus

Christian loveErosPlatonic lovea thing foradmirationadorationaffectionaffinityagapeanimusappetenceappetencyappetiteappreciationaptitudeaptnessardencyardorattachmentbentbiasbodily lovebrotherly lovecaritascastcharitychoicecommandconationconatusconducivenessconjugal lovecrushdecisiondelightdesiredeterminationdevotiondiathesisdiscretiondispositioneagernesseyefaithful lovefancyfeeling forfervorflamefondnessfree choice

Examples include Liking

  • "Liking the NBA doesn't count for that much. He will be constrained, because if you change too much in a system like that you are taking a very, very big risk. Political suicide in North Korea is real suicide. It is not a figure of speech." telegraph.co.uk

  • "Nobody spoke about money. They did not say, “We will give you £100m for players” and I did not ask for it. I remember liking the team more than a lot of other people did. Many of those players are still here. telegraph.co.uk

  • An average day means sitting round a bonfire with your mates smoking drugs, or stealing cars. Welcome to Urban's world. Bernard Hare was on society's margins, living on one of Leeds' roughest estates and with a liking for drink and drugs. telegraph.co.uk

  • An à la carte breakfast, which is included in the room price, is served between 8am and 11am, featuring local breads and pastries, fruit and yogurt, ham and cheese, pancakes and eggs cooked to your liking. telegraph.co.uk

  • And it's still the coolest bike out there - some of the bikes eg Canyon, Pinarello look a bit too aerodynamickyfiddlydiddly for my liking. The white Merckx bikes are quite nice too (AG2R), something retro about them. theguardian.com

  • And yet his portrayal in Spain has centred more on his injury record which, admittedly, has not been good and apparent “off-field controversies” – according to the newspaper AS - which amount to a liking for golf and a dislike for late nights. telegraph.co.uk

  • Assad and his enablers have been waging an influencing campaign to portray Assad’s rule as immovable and thus essential to those wanting to stabilise Syria. It is not about liking Assad, the argument goes; it is just reality.  telegraph.co.uk

  • Breakfast is sweet and savoury with a selection of cold meats, cheeses or homemade cakes with fresh fruit salad. Eggs are to order and coffee is freshly made to your liking. The hotel bar is limited to the opening hours of the restaurant. telegraph.co.uk

  • But fans have begged to differ, with just 54 per cent of users on the site liking it. Out of 131,597 user ratings (as of 10.30am on Thursday December 21), almost half rated the film below 3.5 stars - with the average rating being 3.2 out of 5. telegraph.co.uk

  • But what about flavour? Well, it was my favourite, thanks to the delightful peanut-cocoa blend (a match made in heaven). When I first tried it, blended with almond milk, it was a little too thick for my liking - mostly down to the viscosity of the milk.  telegraph.co.uk

  • Glen Matlock should be used to social distancing by now. The Sex Pistols couldn’t get far enough away from him after he was kicked out for “liking the Beatles” in 1977, only to be replaced by the musically incompetent Sid Vicious. telegraph.co.uk

  • Hammer's ascent to current internet boyfriend status has been largely assisted by his Twitter presence, with a much-liked Tweet slamming James Woods, and his allegedly inadvertent "liking" of a series of tweets related to rope bondage. telegraph.co.uk

  • He looked into trans issues for years before becoming vocal about them on Twitter in 2017. At the time, he says, he was recovering from an operation to treat testicular cancer, dosed on morphine, and began ‘liking’ tweets that questioned trans rights. telegraph.co.uk