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Such \Such\, a. [OE. such, sich, sech, sik, swich, swilch, swulch, swilc, swulc, AS. swelc, swilc, swylc; akin to OFries. selik, D. zulk, OS. sulic, OHG. sulih, solih, G. solch, Icel. sl[imac]kr, OSw. salik, Sw. slik, Dan. slig, Goth. swaleiks; originally meaning, so shaped. [root]192. See So, Like, a., and cf. Which.]

1. Of that kind; of the like kind; like; resembling; similar; as, we never saw such a day; -- followed by that or as introducing the word or proposition which defines the similarity, or the standard of comparison; as, the books are not such that I can recommend them, or, not such as I can recommend; these apples are not such as those we saw yesterday; give your children such precepts as tend to make them better.

2. Having the particular quality or character specified.

3. The same that; -- with as; as, this was the state of the kingdom at such time as the enemy landed. "[It] hath such

4. Certain; -- representing the object as already particularized in terms which are not mentioned.

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aforesaidakinalikeallyalter egoanalogonanalogousanalogueassociatebrotherclose copyclose matchcognatecompanioncomparablecomplementcongenatorcongenercoordinatecorrelatecorrelativecorrespondentcorrespondingcounterpartequivalentfellowimagekindred spiritlikelikenessmatenear duplicateobverseparallelpendantpicturereciprocalsaidsecond selfsimilarsimilitudesimulacrumsistersoul matesuchliketallythatthe likethe like ofthe likes of

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