abandon Definitions


abandonment; relinquishment.


to surrender to the insurer (an insured item), so as to claim a total loss.

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throw overstrandditchabdicateunconstraintprofligacyabandonmentlibertinismunrestraintwantonness

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  • another interesting aspect of the experimental findings is related to gender differences. while men and women exerted similar amounts of effort in the group with fixed pay, men performed significantly better, on both the extensive and intensive margins, in the tournament with bonus pay. although the authors are uncertain about the causes of this difference, they speculate that it may be due to women’s inability or unwillingness to abandon home and family obligations. in line with this reasoning, they cite previous research indicating that such obligations have contributed to gender pay gaps and slower female promotion. bls.gov

  • a previous kent center occasional paper on analyst-policymaker relations indicates the range of alternative analysis approaches. [5] these initiatives attempt to overcome estimative inertia and cognitive limitations by changing the lens or framework through which the issue is addressed while still applying tough-minded analytic tradecraft. the goal is not necessarily to abandon but to challenge the strongly held original view. cia.gov

  • currey, who began studying about anti-inflammatory diets in college, finds that what she eats makes a huge difference. “if i eat with abandon, i’ll be in quite a bit of pain,” she says. “but if i avoid grains, sugar, alcohol, and nightshade vegetables — tomatoes and potatoes, especially — i do much better.” everydayhealth.com

  • still seeking the land of grapes, they proceeded southward the next spring until they reached a place called hop. there they found vines, and there they settled for the next winter, selecting a spot up a river that widened into a lake. several encounters with the natives, however, in which two of their number were killed, induced them to abandon hop in the spring and return to straumfjord, where they spent the third winter. one of the ships, commanded by thorhall, had deserted the first year after a disagreement and had met disaster in ireland. with the prospect of attack, plus growing dissension, it was decided to abandon the whole attempt. returning by markland, thorfinn's ship reached greenland safely; the other was wrecked in the irish sea and part of its crew saved. factmonster.com

  • dr. rothstein: just to respond to simon, i agree with you, simon. i don’t want to abandon the notion that we couldn’t ever use data to review enforcement or other functions under hipaa. what i am prepared to abandon is this global idea, this notion that we can use data to answer these big questions. i think it is somewhat quixotic, after hearing the experts. hhs.gov

  • he, sir, that must marry this woman. therefore, you clown, abandon,—which is in the vulgar leave,—the society,—which in the boorish is company,—of this female,—which in the common is woman; which together is, abandon the society of this female, or, clown, thou perishest; or, to thy better understanding, diest; or, to wit i kill thee, make thee away, translate thy life into death, thy liberty into bondage: i will deal in poison with thee, or in bastinado, or in steel; i will bandy with thee in faction; i will o'errun thee with policy; i will kill thee a hundred and fifty ways: therefore tremble and depart. infoplease.com

  • if you're starting a fitness program, good for you! no matter how geared up you may be, remember to take it slow. if you push yourself too hard at first, you may be forced to abandon your program because of pain or injury. it's better to start cautiously and progress slowly. mayoclinic.org

  • "luckily we don't need to have these fears," stanwood says. "there is this urban legend women will abandon regular birth control, and we have studies to show that is not the case. women with plan b do not abandon plan a or take more risks. it's like giving them a fire extinguisher -- it doesn't make them start more fires." medicinenet.com

  • "our message to the u.s. senate is stop playing games with medicare patients and the physicians who care for them," said ama president j. james rohack, md, in a statement. "it is shocking that the senate would abandon our most vulnerable patients, making them the collateral damage of their procedural games." medpagetoday.com

  • jama oncology urges us to abandon the battle metaphor for cancer and i am inclined to agree both for the sake of bending the cost curve of end of life care as is so vital to our overall health system but arguably even more so for patients’ dignity and quality of life. merckmanuals.com

  • progress towards reaching an association agreement with the eu - seen as a key step towards eventual eu membership - raised the hackles of russia, which retaliated by banning the import of certain ukrainian products. the government's decision to abandon the association agreement in november 2013 brought tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets of kiev, accusing the president of bowing to russian pressure. nationmaster.com

  • the nih loan repayment programs (lrps) are a set of programs established by congress and designed to recruit and retain highly qualified health professionals into biomedical or biobehavioral research careers. the escalating costs of advanced education and training in medicine and clinical specialties are forcing some scientists to abandon their research careers for higher-paying private industry or private practice careers. the lrps counteract that financial pressure by repaying up to $50,000 annually of a researcher's qualified educational debt in return for a commitment to engage in nih mission-relevant research. since tomorrow's medical breakthroughs will be made by investigators starting in their research careers today, the lrps represent an important investment by nih in the future of health discovery and the wellbeing of the nation. nih.gov