abate Definitions



an italian abbot, or other member of the clergy.


to destroy, or level to the ground.

to enter a tenement without permission after the owner has died and before the heir takes possession.

abate thesaurus

failfall throughtranquilizesoftensoothepacifyappeasedepresshumblerelaxalleviatetemperassuagemitigateebbwanedeclinesubsideslackenremitremoveterminatesuppresslowerdecreasecut shortmoderatecontractdiminishlessen

Examples include abate

  • inflation finally started to abate in 1981 and fell sharply in 1982. the reverberations of the energy supply shock quieted, and a federal reserve board determined to rein inflation in pursued a tighter monetary policy. the result was a plunging cpi but a soaring unemployment rate; the era of high inflation ended, but left in its wake a bitter recession. fortunately, the economy would recover, and 1983 would mark the end of a frustrating era that combined high inflation with substantial unemployment and sluggish growth. better times lay ahead, with the coming years eventually witnessing the retreat of inflation, as well as the fear of inflation, as a dominant feature of the american economic landscape. bls.gov

  • in those nerve-wracking days, when it seemed that a military conflict was about to break out, both sides had enough courage and wisdom to begin intensive diplomatic discussions and make mutual concessions. after the cuban missile crisis, the tensions of the global secret "air war", in which the u-2 had played a central role, began to abate. incursions into soviet airspace by reconnaissance aircraft became less necessary with the emergence of us satellites, although us reconnaissance flights along the ussr's borders continued--and occasionally violated soviet airspace. cia.gov

  • don’t forget your glucose meter. besides allowing your cde to access any information it might contain, having your glucose meter with you lets the cde evaluate the make and model of the meter. de abate often finds that clients are eligible for a more up-to-date meter than the one they’ve been using. everydayhealth.com

  • injunctions are today granted in many circumstances where courts of equity formerly refused to act. thus, courts have ordered the performance of the terms of a contract, or the payment of legal damages by a defendant, sparing the plaintiff the need to seek execution of a judgment. injunctions have long been used to abate nuisances. the use of the injunction in labor disputes has been a matter of great controversy in u.s. history. factmonster.com

  • dr. middleton: we can sort of play off the why now, who cares, why me. who cares? stakeholders. we have extraordinary pressure on cost and value of health care and that is not going to abate. it is going to get worse. we need to be able to demonstrate value and produce quality, etcetera. hhs.gov

  • the arrogance of this assumption is unconcealed. it appears in the sordid disregard of all but personal interests, in the refusal to abate for the benefit of others one iota of selfish advantage, and in combinations to perpetuate such advantages through efforts to control legislation and improperly influence the suffrages of the people. infoplease.com

  • it sounds backward until booth explains it. if kids grow up in a home with a high-conflict marriage -- much disagreement, perhaps constant shouting and arguing -- the dysfunctional home environment puts them at risk for emotional and developmental problems. when the split occurs, the calmer, single-parent household may be a relief, and symptoms abate. medicinenet.com

  • "the concern historically has been that dt [destination therapy] patients would be at higher risk of adverse events with device support for a variety of reasons, including an anticipated longer period of time on the device. but as we move towards safer pumps, these concerns will likely abate," garan told medpage today. medpagetoday.com

  • cradle cap can be treated by regularly shampooing with selenium sulfide shampoo and massaging mineral oil into the scalp to help loosen the crust before shampooing. the crust may be worked off with a fine comb. cradle cap that does not abate with these measures may need further treatment, such as corticosteroid creams. merckmanuals.com