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  • only option for eye irritation i have an allergy to corn products and alcohol and they make my eyes get beet red and give me severe sinus headaches. the only effective treatment i have found, after trying all the common antihistamines, was astelin. now i've been using it every day for about two years. mild somnolence abates quickly. if i use it too often, i get minor eye twitches. everydayhealth.com

  • surveillance provision of distance web cams to permit hcs and staff monitoring of their charges, particularly in the case of adrd should be provided. there is ample evidence to suggest that when staff are under surveillance, abuse abates. similarly female patients in understaffed facilities need to be protected against sexually aggressively adrd men. the use of minimum wage employees in egregiously understaffed facilities particularly at night is not acceptable. hhs.gov

  • 21st july from the experiments and observations we were enabled to make with rispect to the comparative velocities of the courants of the rivers mississippi missouri and plat it results that a vessel will float in the mississippi below the entrance of the missouri at the rate of four miles an hour. in the missouri from it's junction with the mississsippi to the entrance of the osage river from 51/2 to 6 from thence to the mouth of the kanzas from 61/2 to 7. from thence to the platte 51/2 while the plat is at least 8.- the missouri above the junction of the river plat is equal to about 31/2 miles an hour as far as the mouth of the chyenne where its courant still abates and becomes equal to about three miles an hour from information it dose not increase it's volocity for infoplease.com

  • and before the ablation is done, gonzalez explained, patients go through what is basically a trial run. they are given an injection of numbing medication near the nerves believed to be generating the pain signals. if the pain abates, that means targeting the same nerves with ablation will likely work, too -- longer term. medicinenet.com

  • indeed, the urgent need to mobilize operations in response to covid opened a window and allowed us to see how organizations could operate more effectively, and through that window, we saw some remarkable behavioral changes. so rather than reverting to business as usual once this crisis abates, we need to learn from this experience and maintain those behaviors that have helped hospitals improve efficiencies and patient outcomes. medpagetoday.com

  • another common cause is a lesion in the contralateral cerebral hemisphere rostral to the precentral gyrus (called the frontal eye fields). these lesions are typically caused by a stroke. the resulting palsy usually abates with time. horizontal conjugate gaze mediated by brain stem reflexes (eg, in response to cold-water caloric stimulation) is preserved. merckmanuals.com