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  • conduct research or perform investigation for the purpose of identifying, abating, or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or the health of the population. using knowledge of various scientific disciplines, may collect, synthesize, study, report, and recommend action based on data derived from measurements or observations of air, food, soil, water, and other sources. excludes "zoologists and wildlife biologists" (19-1023), "conservation scientists" (19-1031), "forest and conservation technicians" (19-4093), "fish and game wardens" (33-3031), and "forest and conservation workers" (45-4011). bls.gov

  • i did find during my participation in a regional meeting a couple of years ago in connecticut - and erica, you may have been there when we were down near new haven - there was a psychiatrist from yale who was using that type of paradigm with vietnam war veterans. it was like a cognitive behavioral therapy with writing as a part of it, and through that process their ptsd symptomology was abating. everydayhealth.com

  • basque separatist violence continued in the 1980s with the eta committing hundreds of murders, but showed some signs of abating in the 1990s, following arrests of many eta leaders. the ruling socialist party suffered losses in the 1993 elections but was able to form a minority government with the cooperation of the catalonian nationalist coalition. following the mar., 1996, elections, a center-right government took office. popular party (pp) head josé maría aznar lópez became prime minister in coalition with the catalonian nationalists. factors in the socialists' fall included economic problems, corruption scandals, and charges that socialist officials had endorsed a dirty war against basque separatists in the 1980s. factmonster.com

  • again, the focus is on aggregate data to help them think through problems rather than the actual data linkage. so, when we talk about data linkage, the solution at the community level is really community data linkage or neighborhood data linkage rather than individual data linkage. to me, that helps somewhat. it doesn’t necessarily solve privacy issues, but it can go a long way in abating risk. hhs.gov

  • we have no reason to think that the stage we have now reached in the release of atomic energy will be the last. indeed, the speed of our scientific and technical progress over the last seven years shows no signs of abating. we are being hurried forward, in our mastery of the atom, from one discovery to another, toward yet unforeseeable peaks of destructive power. infoplease.com

  • what can be done to stop a chronic cough that has accompanied bronchitis? we have gone through antibiotic (erythromycin) (five days so far) treatment , brontex, and the cough shows no signs of abating -- leaving my wife weak and tired. how long is the cough supposed to remain? is there anything more to be done? medicinenet.com

  • once the vote count hit 218, democrats cheered loudly. applause continued as the final votes trickled in during the few minutes that remained of the 15 allotted for the vote. when the clock ran down, the chamber erupted in elated applause, the hugging, kissing, and cheering abating only for the few minutes it took for speaker of the house nancy pelosi to declare "the bill is passed!" medpagetoday.com