abbasid Definitions


of or relating to the abbasid caliphs.


a member of the dynasty of caliphs that ruled from baghdad, from about 750 to 1250, claiming ancestry of abbas.

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  • the umayyads and abbasids were dynasties of caliphs. from 661, islam was ruled by the umayyads, based in damascus (in syria). in 750, a new dynasty, the abbasid, seized power, although a branch of the umayyad continued to rule muslim spain. the abbasid caliphs were based at baghdad, which became the prosperous center of a huge trading empire and the artistic capital of the muslim world. factmonster.com

  • the persian holdings were swept away by the arab invasion of the 8th cent.; first the umayyad and then the abbasid caliphate held all of turkistan. zoroastrianism was suppressed, and islam, which today remains the chief religion of turkistan, was imposed. the abbasid caliphate weakened in the middle of the 9th cent.; at the same time, china lost its holdings in the east, and many states, notably khwarazm (khorezm), occupied parts of turkistan. infoplease.com