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a woman who runs a brothel; a woman employed by a prostitute to find clients.

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madamlady abbesscovent garden abbessbawdmother superior

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  • st. walburga (or walpurgis), the abbess of the monastery of heidenheim, helped st. boniface bring christianity to 8th century germany. she died on feb. 25, 779. as her remains have been moved on multiple occasions, several days have been designated in her honor, one of which is the first of may. factmonster.com

  • when the fishermen took the eldest antipholus and dromio away from her, she entered a nunnery, and by her wise and virtuous conduct she was at length made lady abbess of this convent and in discharging the rites of hospitality to an unhappy stranger she had unknowingly protected her own son. infoplease.com