abbey Definitions


the precincts of the abbey of holyrood.


a residence that was previously an abbatial building.

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  • the variety of sources pincher acquired and the famous people he met over the years is staggering. they include publishing magnates, prince charles, lord mountbatten, members of parliament, and mi6 officers maurice oldfield and nicholas elliott. not to be overlooked is the lunch with the queen mother, giving advice to margaret thatcher, and fishing trips with the an earl of carnarvon, better known as the owner of highclere castle (the setting for the television series downton abbey) where pincher and his wife, billee, were often guests. pincher includes anecdotes about them all. despite his active professional and social life, he managed to write nine novels. cia.gov

  • why you should eat it the lovely yellow color of fresh corn comes from lutein and zeaxanthin, abbey says, which a review published in june 2019 in current developments in nutrition points out are carotenoids that are beneficial to eye health. abbey adds that you’ll also be getting soluble fiber and resistant starch, which both help to keep blood sugar stable, according to the mayo clinic. everydayhealth.com

  • northanger abbey, a satire on the gothic romance, was sold to a publisher for £10 in 1803, but as it was not published, was bought back by members of the family and was finally issued posthumously. the novels published in austen's lifetime were sense and sensibility (1811), pride and prejudice (1813), mansfield park (1814), and emma (1816). persuasion was issued in 1818 with northanger abbey. the author's name did not appear on any of her title pages, and although her own friends knew of her authorship, she received little public recognition in her lifetime. factmonster.com

  • if you still haven't had enough of lizzie, you can visit the scene of the crime, in fact you can even stay there—the home is now the lizzie borden bed and breakfast (restored to the "original look at the time of the murders"). you can stay in the andrew and abbey borden suite, or in the room where abbey was actually killed. infoplease.com

  • the girl from felony bay db76760 7 hours 29 minutes by j.e. thompson read by abigail maupin abbey force’s dad was framed for a crime and is in a coma, so abbey lives with her alcoholic uncle charlie. she meets bee, who shares abbey’s curiosity about the strange goings-on around felony bay, and together they investigate. for grades 4-7 and older readers. 2013. loc.gov

  • "bmi is not 'one size fits all.' inaccurate classification can decrease the impact of obesity prevention programs that will result in many women not receiving the help they need," study senior author dr. abbey berenson, director of the university's center for interdisciplinary research in women's health, said in the news release. medicinenet.com

  • outspoken author, polarizing environmentalist, and inspirational public lands advocate edward abbey tells us, “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” he lived vehemently by this belief, “being deliberately provocative and outrageous” in his writing (his own words), to inspire action in his readers and create a more environmentally conscious and greener future for […] merckmanuals.com