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  • nos4a2 db76605 23 hours 1 minute by joe hill read by martha harmon pardee charlie manx abducts children from the real world in a 1938 rolls-royce wraith sedan with the license plate nos4a2 to a terrifying place created by his imagination—christmasland. survivor victoria mcqueen wants to end charlie’s evil deeds, but then her son is in danger. violence and strong language. bestseller. 2013. loc.gov

  • symptoms of 6th cranial nerve palsy include binocular horizontal diplopia when looking to the side of the paretic eye. because the tonic action of the medial rectus muscle is unopposed, the eye is slightly adducted when the patient looks straight ahead. the eye abducts sluggishly, and even when abduction is maximal, the lateral sclera is exposed. with complete paralysis, the eye cannot abduct past midline. merckmanuals.com