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  • colonial expeditions in the 1500s found native americans living in the everglades; in the late 1830s the everglades was the scene of military operations against the seminole. large tracts of land were drained in the late 19th and early 20th cent., when the area was considered rich in agricultural potential, but only lands immediately bordering lake okeechobee were farmed. winter vegetables and sugarcane are now the main crops; some cattle are raised. after great fires in 1939 (abetted by overdrainage), the first thorough studies of the everglades concluded that most of the southern part was unfit for cultivation. factmonster.com

  • the restoration work that needs to happen must take place on all levels, including looking at who is funding the work and how. the suppression of black-led interventions is often aided and abetted by government funding systems and philanthropic efforts that mostly fund white mainstream institutions that often bring in black organizations as tokens. healthline.com

  • what i think we are talking about more is on the privacy side where there is authorized use and in some cases compelled authorized use. so in other words you have to sign an authorization if you want to get a job or you want to get life insurance or if you want to apply for social security disability. there are about 25 million times every year when individuals have to sign these compelled authorizations so what information is disclosed. and if we are now talking about information that is not abetted(?) in some way, then the whole record goes. hhs.gov

  • although the report of the commissioners marks their firmness and abilities, and must unite all virtuous men, by shewing that the means of conciliation have been exhausted, all of those who had committed or abetted the tumults did not subscribe the mild form which was proposed as the atonement, and the indications of a peaceable temper were neither sufficiently general nor conclusive to recommend or warrant the further suspension of the march of the militia. infoplease.com

  • the delay allowed the virus to take hold, abetted by distrust of government healthcare messages and local funeral customs that increased the risk of exposure to the virus. the majority of the cases and deaths in the region occurred between august and december of 2014, after which the local and international responses began to take hold and incidence began to fall, the agency report said. medpagetoday.com