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differ entirely from.

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  • how it works: because your goals can be about anything, you set your own and define the stakes on your own — money is optional. next, you invite someone you know and trust to be your goal referee, and add friends on the site to act as your virtual cheerleaders. in a rather unusual offering, stickk also allows users to elect to send failed goal money to a charitable cause they abhor. for example, if an anti-gun advocate misses his or her workout goals for the week, the fees they incur go straight to a gun-rights organization. this might seem like a harsh incentive to stick to your goal, but karlan’s behavioral economics research indicates it works. everydayhealth.com

  • pasternak at first embraced the promise of the revolution of 1917, but he came to abhor the ensuing bolshevik restrictions on artistic freedom. he wrote two long narrative poems, spektorsky (1926) and the year 1905 (1927). his collection of five short stories includes the childhood of lovers (1924), a complex and perceptive portrayal of a young girl. the brief autobiographical work safe conduct (1931) and the collection of poetry second birth (1932) were his last original works for many years. during the purges of the 1930s, pasternak came under severe critical attack and, unable to publish his own poetry, devoted himself to making superb translations of classic works by goethe, shakespeare, and others. his survival of the purges is attributed to his translations of georgian poets admired by stalin. in his silence pasternak became the hero of russian intellectuals. his very rare public appearances were greeted with wild rejoicing. factmonster.com

  • "it is astonishing," mused the christian, "how violent and how general are religious animosities. everywhere in the world the devotees of each local faith abhor the devotees of every other, and abstain from murder only so long as they dare not commit it. and the strangest thing about it is that all religions are erroneous and mischievous excepting mine. mine, thank god, is true and benign." infoplease.com

  • sexual infidelity is one of humanity's great obsessions, perhaps second only to violence. we abhor it, yet we want to hear all about it, and some can't resist it. it's what has kept jerry springer on tv for the past 14 years and greek mythology alive in the retelling for the past 3,000. medicinenet.com

  • most democrats abhor the idea of letting low-income americans go without medical care for lack of coverage. that's why "medicare for all" is becoming a democratic rallying cry. however, most republicans hate the idea of a single-payer system. fortunately, as we have seen, "medicare for all" is not a single-payer plan. medpagetoday.com