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  • but nature abhors, as i say, a vacuum. and here you've removed these bacteria from the mouth, nose, and they often lie there without causing problems, and another strain, which was not part of the original vaccine, was able to take over. and it turns out that it's not only drug-resistant, but it also is invasive. i've not seen it associated with meningitis, but i do know it's been involved in ear infections. everydayhealth.com

  • fascism has found adherents in all countries. its essentially vague and emotional nature facilitates the development of unique national varieties, whose leaders often deny indignantly that they are fascists at all. in its dictatorial methods and in its use of brutal intimidation of the opposition by the militia and the secret police, fascism does not greatly distinguish itself from other despotic and totalitarian regimes. there are particular similarities with the communist regime in the soviet union under joseph stalin. however, unlike communism, fascism abhors the idea of a classless society and sees desirable order only in a state in which each class has its distinct place and function. representation by classes (i.e., capital, labor, farmers, and professionals) is substituted for representation by parties, and the corporative state is a part of fascist dogma. factmonster.com

  • dr. stead: i joined linda as a co-conspirator because nature abhors a vacuum, and i think this is a little bit analogous to the predictability roadmap for the standards as moving forward with. in essence, i see the question as how do we get to a world in which standard terminologies can be continuously extended and we end up in a world where we’re not having these major version changes. hhs.gov

  • if you will then see the fruits of the sport, mark his first approach before my lady: he will come to her in yellow stockings, and 'tis a colour she abhors, and cross-gartered, a fashion she detests; and he will smile upon her, which will now be so unsuitable to her disposition, being addicted to a melancholy as she is, that it cannot but turn him into a notable contempt. if you will see it, follow me. infoplease.com

  • it was the interpretation at the time to reassure us. obviously, nature abhors a vacuum, and overall, it's the elderly and the frail who pay the price of this disease, like any other disease (cancer, etc). it is obvious, and we get the same advice for the flu, which kills vulnerable people more easily. medicinenet.com