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to await submissively; accept without question; submit to.

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eldtarrylingerstickwait forawaitlivedwellstayput up withbrookresisthold on

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  • however, if countries abide by the 2015 paris agreement, income losses of these two north american countries would be less than 2.0 percent of gdp. in addition, the global temperature increase would only be 0.01 °c a year, and the loss in real gdp would be substantially reduced to an estimated 1.07 percent by 2100. bls.gov

  • the wikipedia has an interesting and innovative “tradecraft,” or rule set, by which contributors and editors must abide. all content contributions are self-initiated. there is no editor-in-chief. because all contributors are also editors, when a person notices an article that needs content revisions or does not abide by the rules, that person makes the edit. all previous versions of the article are available and all changes are attributable. another wiki rule for the encyclopedia is that contributions must be facts; explicit or implicit points of view are out of bounds. they are edited out quickly. cia.gov

  • why it boosts resilience recognizing our purpose helps us focus our energy, keeps us engaged, makes it easier to be hopeful, fills us with courage, and — you guessed it — bolsters resilience. purpose can come from a pursuit to help other people or to abide by a set of values. everydayhealth.com

  • nations interact on many levels. trade agreements allow businesses from different nations to buy and sell their goods and services with each other. formal agreements, signed by political leaders or their diplomatic representatives, reinforce friendly relations and allow cooperation in different areas, such as military technology. international agreements ensure that all member nations abide by the same rules. factmonster.com

  • the last item that i mentioned is the so-called harmonization, and the problem is that clinical research has been impeded by multiple and variable requirements to address the same oversight concerns. there are many federal agencies that have different requirements, different definitions of what they want, and researchers have to abide by the – if they’re funded by the nih, they have to abide by the nih requirements. they have to abide by the fda requirements. they have to abide by ohrp requirements. and there are probably some others that they have to do. hhs.gov

  • say: shall i tell you of better things than these, prepared for those who fear god, in his presence? theirs shall be gardens, beneath whose pavilions the rivers flow, and in which shall they abide for aye: and wives of stainless purity, and acceptance with god: for god regardeth his servants— infoplease.com

  • to the later point, chan noted that his team has "very clear guidelines around privacy that are outlined in the consent process in the app. we have our consent procedures reviewed by our hospitals institutional review board, and we abide by the strictest guidelines in terms of privacy of health information." medicinenet.com

  • medlineplus provides links to other internet sites for the convenience of world wide web users. nlm is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites, nor does nlm endorse, warrant or guarantee the products, services or information described or offered at these other internet sites. it is the responsibility of the user to examine the copyright and licensing restrictions of linked pages and to secure all necessary permission. users cannot assume that the external sites will abide by the same provisions as the medlineplus privacy policy. medlineplus.gov

  • third, redistribution must be transparent. the aca mainly forces higher costs onto private insurance plans, which invisibly pass those costs to healthy consumers. democrats may prefer this hidden tax politically, but to abide by conservative principles, a subsidy must come with a budget that can be seen, understood, and voted on. medpagetoday.com

  • doctors abide by a code of ethics. this code includes autonomy, beneficence, justice and non-malfeasance. the code is not always black and white. the law and competing values fill our decisions with shades of grey. one of the first grey areas that comes up is the battle between autonomy and beneficence. the customer is always […] merckmanuals.com

  • as long as grantees abide by the provisions of the bayh-dole act, as amended by the technology transfer commercialization act of 2000 (p.l. 106-404), and 37 cfr 401, they have the right to retain title to any invention conceived or first actually reduced to practice using nih grant funds. the principal objectives of these laws and the implementing regulation are to promote commercialization of federally funded inventions, while ensuring that inventions are used in a manner that promotes free competition and enterprise without unduly encumbering future research and discovery. nih.gov