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  • once you arrived at work, it was possible, but not likely, that you’d use a time clock to verify the time of your arrival; time clocks made their first appearance in offices sometime between 1910 and 1915.63 advertisements of time-clock manufacturers explained that a prompt employee was a “profitable” employee.64 interestingly, although nonagricultural workers now conformed not to “the natural rhythms of the sun and seasons, but to the mechanical pace of the pocket watch, the factory whistle, or the railroad-station clock,” 1915 had no standard time.65 time zones had been used by the railroads since 1883 and most jurisdictions abided by railroad time, but it wasn’t till congress passed the standard time act of 1918 (and first experimented with nationwide daylight saving time that same year) that an “official” correct time came into being. bls.gov

  • the drug works wonders. problem is people hate to read. i failed to read instruction in detail and it didnt work. after battling ibs in numerous ways, decided to read the insert thoroughly. specifies take on an empty stomach and 30 minutes prior to eating. with plenty of water. not after breakfast, not after dinner. once i abided, the drug worked for me and brought normalcy back to my daily life everydayhealth.com

  • so to the extent the rules would permit the disclosure of the information for research, and it goes to a third party that is not covered by hipaa, then the covered entity hasn’t done anything wrong if they have abided by the research permissions in the rule to give out the data. then hipaa stops. hhs.gov

  • "i have always abided by my first opinion," answered pangloss; "for, after all, i am a philosopher, and it would not become me to retract my sentiments; especially as leibnitz could not be in the wrong: and that preestablished harmony is the finest thing in the world, as well as a plenum and the materia subtilis." infoplease.com

  • in 1973 the american psychiatric association issued the "goldwater rule" which declared it unethical and irresponsible for psychiatrists to offer opinions on individuals that they did not personally evaluate. while many psychiatrists have long abided by this principle, president trump's recent public statements and twitter activity have many questioning whether his mental health leaves him fit to lead the nation. medpagetoday.com