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  • an appropriate solution for a community locale is one where you have a corps that abides by certain standards or adheres to certain principles or achieves a common set of objectives. above and beyond that are features, functionalities, policies, procedures and whatever that are tailored to meet any particular community's problems and challenges. hhs.gov

  • 3. ‚Äúthat self abides in the heart. and this is the etymological explanation. the heart is called hrid-ayam, instead of hridy-ayam, i.e. he who is in the heart. he who knows this, that he is in the heart, goes day by day (when in sushupti, deep sleep) into heaven (svarga), i.e. into the brahman of the heart. infoplease.com

  • reservoir: 1. a place where something such as water is kept in reserve. 2. the part of a device in which something is kept in reserve or stored, as an ommaya reservoir. 3. for an infectious agent, an animal, person, plant, soil, or other substance in which the agent normally abides. see: reservoir of infection. from the french reservoir, from reserver meaning to reserve. medicinenet.com

  • while the aafp currently abides by the american medical association's code of ethics -- and in 20 years the ama has not altered its position on the issue -- heather paladine, md, a new york delegate, and sponsor of the "ethical" resolution said the aafp should take the lead. others "wholeheartedly" agreed. medpagetoday.com