abiding Definitions


continuing or persisting in the same state: lasting, enduring; steadfast.


an abode.

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  • if one of your ex’s shows up in full zombie mode………………… is it then ” pc ” and law abiding to whack her a few ” good one’s ” or not allowed ? i have a few that i’m 99% positive will continue to be flesh eaters and are going to show up ! your thought’s ? cdc.gov

  • in selecting william j. donovan as his coordinator of information in july 1941, president roosevelt chose an energetic civilian who shared his desire to do whatever it took to resist nazism and the danger it posed to america. “wild bill” donovan owned a sterling résumé, with distinguished military service, executive and legal experience, an abiding interest in foreign affairs, and a vision of the importance of “strategic” intelligence that colleagues found inspiring. cia.gov

  • just because you don’t have a lot of funds, doesn’t mean you can’t be a generous person. and you can participate while still abiding by the guidelines recommended by the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc) on wearing a mask and social distancing. giving activities can include providing transportation for someone who needs it or packing lunches or food boxes for food distribution programs. everydayhealth.com

  • the oath was first taken by a referee in 1972. the current form of that oath is "in the name of all the judges and officials, i promise that we shall officiate in these olympic games with complete impartiality, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship." factmonster.com

  • dr. suarez commented on three emerging themes in recent ncvhs discussions: convergence, data stewardship, and transformation. ncvhs has a role to play in framing the larger picture for these developments. dr. francis pointed to abiding concerns about the absence of standards and models for data protection in the new world that is emerging. hhs.gov

  • woman, like man, wants to make her thought a thing; at least, wants things to work her pattern of thought upon. still, as the world grows older, and wiser, and better, more persons will find an abiding satisfaction in these lofty pursuits. i am rejoiced to see women thus attracted thitherward. some women there are who find an abiding satisfaction in literature; it fills up their leisure. i rejoice that it is so. infoplease.com

  • "most voters do not think otherwise law-abiding citizens should be criminalized for using a product that is much safer than alcohol," says rob kampia, executive director of the marijuana policy project. "they want marijuana to be sold inside regulated, taxpaying businesses, not on the streets, where sales enrich cartels and drug dealers. there is a consensus that law enforcement should be fighting serious crimes rather than enforcing failed and deeply unpopular policies." medicinenet.com

  • "criminal and socially inappropriate behaviors could be signs of dementia," liljegren added. "when previously law-abiding citizens start to behave in an odd way or commit crimes, we suggest that they be screened for neurodegenerative disorders. this could potentially lead to a shorter time from symptom onset to diagnosis and hence proper care in time." medpagetoday.com