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en given name, used since the 16th century, and currently quite popular.


a lady's maid.

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  • 13 raven molloy, christopher l. smith, and abigail wozniak, “declining migration within the u.s.: the role of the labor market,” working paper 20065 (national bureau of economic research, april 2014). see also raven molloy, christopher l. smith and abigail wozniak, “job changing and the decline in long-distance migration in the united states,” demography, vol. 54, no. 2, 2017, pp. 631–653. (the authors argue that a decline in job changing has caused a reduction in interstate migration.) bls.gov

  • if your child doesn’t have any of the symptoms that rule out daycare but you still feel that you should keep her home, trust your instincts. that’s a good rule of thumb to follow in most parenting situations, and especially when it comes to your child’s health. when jessica rinner’s 18-month-old daughter, abigail, was recently sick, she kept her home from daycare. “abigail had been fighting a cold and she was constipated and clingy,” says rinner, a civil engineer in shirley, mass. “i was trying to go to work and she was clinging to my leg, crying. that’s when i decided to call out.” everydayhealth.com

  • abigail and john adams had five children in all: abigail (b. 1765), john quincy (b. 1767), susanna (b. 1768), charles (b. 1770), and thomas boylston (b. 1772). susanna died in 1770, but the others lived to adulthood… abigail adams was the great-grandmother of historian henry adams…abigail adams is buried next to her husband and her son john quincy in the united first parish church in quincy, massachusetts… the only other woman to be both wife and mother of u.s. presidents is barbara bush. factmonster.com

  • ms. milam: i just had two questions. the first question has to do with a comment abigail that you made in response to john’s question about whether consent and confidentiality run together. and you said in some situation they do not and i was wondering if there were some common areas where you do not see them running together in states. hhs.gov

  • a lady's maid, or ladymaid. abigail, wife of nabal, who introduced herself to david and afterwards married him, is a well-known scripture heroine (1 samuel xxv 3). abigail was a popular middle class christian name in the seventeenth century. beaumont and fletcher, in the scornful lady, call the “waiting gentlewoman” abigail, a name employed by swift, fielding, and others, in their novels. probably “abigail hill” the original name of mrs. masham, waiting-woman to queen anne, popularised the name. infoplease.com

  • rabbit and robot: the sleepover db77200 0 hours 15 minutes by cece bell read by abigail maupin rabbit plans out the entire sleepover he is going to have with his friend robot. but when robot shows up, he does not want to do what is on rabbit’s list. now rabbit does not know what to do. for grades k-3. 2012. loc.gov

  • "earlier studies observed that women with low vitamin d levels were more likely to have bacterial vaginosis, and we hypothesized that vitamin d supplementation might reduce [bacterial vaginosis]," study author abigail norris turner, an infectious disease expert at the ohio state university wexner medical center, said in a university news release. medicinenet.com

  • "in medical school, a class called 'the healthy child' had bored her so completely that she failed it and had to take it over." lucky for the children of new york city, pioneering physician josephine baker, md, stuck with it, notes abigail zuger, md, in a review of baker's re-released autobiography. medpagetoday.com