ability Definitions


a skill or competence in doing; mental power; talent; aptitude.


forms a noun from a verb; ability, inclination or suitability for a specified function or condition.

ability thesaurus


Examples include ability

  • similarly, michael lovenheim and c. lockwood reynolds examine changes over time in the impact of cognitive ability and income on the postsecondary decision between not attending college, attending a 2-year college, and attending a 4-year college.29 comparing the two cohorts, the authors find large increases in college attendance for the nlsy97 cohort, particularly for high-ability students. however, increases in 2-year college attendance among high-ability, low-income men appear to come at the expense of 4-year college enrollment. bls.gov

  • they also learned about the ability to bring about the relaxation response through a number of breathing relaxation exercises, other meditative techniques. we even did yoga, chair yoga. the ability to recognize negative thoughts. the ability to create adaptive thoughts and positive expectations. also, developing a more optimistic and positive perspective by appreciating positive experiences on a daily basis that we actually reviewed in the groups. increasing a sense of connectedness through social support, empathy and prosocial behaviors like acts of helping others or volunteering or sharing. and also, changing to healthful sleep, eating and exercise habits. cdc.gov

  • this methodology also provides the promise of a far greater benefit in the future. the ability to provide exact matching based on geography might one day permit the matching of records on the basis of address rather than an identifier such as social security number. such an ability would provide the opportunity to bring far more information sources to bear on the estimation effort. census.gov

  • andrews found virtually no relationship between the scientists' creative ability and the innovativeness of their research. (there was also no relationship between level of intelligence and innovativeness.) those who scored high on tests of creative ability did not necessarily receive high ratings from the judges evaluating the innovativeness of their work. a possible explanation is that either creative ability or innovation, or both, were not measured accurately, but andrews argues persuasively for another view. various social and psychological factors have so great an effect on the steps needed to translate creative ability into an innovative research product that there is no measurable effect traceable to creative ability alone. in order to document this conclusion, andrews analyzed data from the questionnaires in which the scientists described their work environment. cia.gov

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  • different careers can be affected differently by ms. “if you’re a runway model, the ability to walk safely and comfortably is paramount,” she says. “if you’re a teacher, lawyer, or doctor, you may be more concerned about your vision, cognitive ability, and the ability to use your hands, all of which can be affected by ms.” everydayhealth.com

  • along with good interpersonal skills, the ability to write well is the single most important factor in promotions and job security. the ability to communicate effectively in writing can also be the decisive factor in a candidate getting a position. ben ordover, a division president at cbs, notes, “many people climbing the corporate ladder are very good. when faced with a hard choice between candidates, i use writing ability as the deciding factor. sometimes a candidate's writing was the only skill that separated him or her from the competition.” factmonster.com

  • that said, it’s an incredibly important stage. as many adults know, you can’t bond properly to new people if you aren’t comfortable by yourself. starting to encourage this behavior young will definitely make your life easier, and the ability to be content with their own discovery will serve them well throughout life. healthline.com

  • ability to work. work disability measures whether or not a medical condition/impairment prevents or limits ability to work. work disability is a combination of subjective, financial, health and disability-related factors. among the general population, few persons indicated that they were prevented (4.8%) or limited in their ability to work (6.4%). among the disabled population, 29% were prevented from and another 25% were limited in ability to work. hhs.gov

  • these are not domestic concerns alone. for upon our achievement of greater vitality and strength here at home hang our fate and future in the world: our ability to sustain and supply the security of free men and nations, our ability to command their respect for our leadership, our ability to expand our trade without threat to our balance of payments, and our ability to adjust to the changing demands of cold war competition and challenge. infoplease.com

  • irene dunne starred in everything from musicals to melodrama during the thirties and forties. her vocal talents were featured in roberta, her comedic timing in the awful truth, and her ability to brings tears in penny serenade. back street, a popular "soaper" remade twice, was directed by the master of melodrama john stahl. loc.gov

  • "the trial will assess the ability of this novel navigation system in terms of precision and accuracy for the ability to navigate and successfully biopsy peripheral lung nodules between 1 and 3 cm in size," says janani s. reisenauer, m.d., an interventional pulmonologist and thoracic surgeon at mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota, and study site principal investigator. "the slim catheter size, along with the ability to retain its articulation, has allowed us to access lesions that were previously unreachable by standard bronchoscopic techniques." mayoclinic.org

  • the same is true for the heart's pumping ability. although patients in the untreated group have shown no change in their heart's pumping ability, stem-cell-treated patients had an average increase in pumping ability of 7 percent at four months, 8.1 percent by the one-year mark and nearly 13 percent by the two-year mark. medicinenet.com

  • flna gene mutations that cause x-linked cardiac valvular dysplasia decrease the protein's ability to bind to actin and other proteins within the cell. as a result, the cell cytoskeleton is weakened and the extracellular matrix is disorganized. the cells' decreased ability to change shape impairs the valve's ability to open and close when the heart pumps blood. in addition, it appears that excess proteins are produced in the abnormal extracellular matrix, causing the valves to become thickened and further impairing their ability to open and close normally. medlineplus.gov

  • "one of the children with sma type 2 gained the ability to walk independently after about 18 months of treatment and continued to improve during the study," he added. "two of the four children with sma type 3 who had lost the ability to walk before the study started [to] regain their ability to walk independently." medpagetoday.com

  • the relationship between drugs and the body's ability to control bleeding (hemostasis) is complicated. the body's ability to form blood clots is vital to hemostasis, but too much clotting increases the risk of a heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism. many drugs, either intentionally or unintentionally, affect the body's ability to form blood clots. merckmanuals.com