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tending to inhibit or destroy life; antibiotic; incompatible with life.

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  • dynamic interactions occurring among biotic and abiotic elements influence tick and tick-borne disease ecology and epidemiology on a global scale. the emergence, resurgence, and geographic spread of tick-borne infections are influenced by tick and tick-borne pathogen demography (intrinsic population growth), micro and macro climate, human behavior, travel, landscape, land use, landscape fragmentation, host animal composition and movement (including domestic, wild and exotic species), economics, politics, population growth and movement (pavlovsky, 1966; pfӓffle et al., 2013; baneth, 2014; dantas-torres, 2015). hhs.gov

  • background: jasmonic acid (ja) and its derivative, methyl ja (meja) are hormonal cues released by plants that signal defense response to curb damages from biotic and abiotic stresses. to study such response, a tropical herbal plant, persicaria minor, which possesses pungent smell and various bioactivities including antimicrobial and anticancer, was treated with meja. such elicitation has been performed in hairy root cultures and plants such as arabidopsis and rice, yet how meja influenced the proteome of an herbal species like p. minor is unknown. nih.gov