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disagreeable or unpleasant.

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  • "you do not recognize me, do you?" asked the gentleman opposite. i had to admit i did not. he continued: "you knew me as 'emile'; it was i who met you the night you parachuted into france with the sas. my men and i moved away from that spot in the forêt de duault as soon as possible. security was abominable. i don't know how any of you survived!" cia.gov

  • my experiences with klonopin i do not take klonopin now, but i did take it from january 2003 thru june 2004. i took 1 mg 4 times a day for insomnia. it was effective for about 9 months but it did not work every night. the side effects were abominable! it gave me anxiety and depression which was a high price to pay to sleep better. also i became addicted to it even though it wasn't really working after 9 months. from november 2003 thru may 2004 i tapered off it and experienced lots of withdrawal symptoms including more insomnia and severe anxiety. i would not recommend klonopin to anyone. everydayhealth.com

  • in 1958, leading a five-person group by dog sled and snow tractor across 1,200 mi (1,931 km) of antarctica to the south pole, hillary became part of the first group since 1912 to reach the pole by overland route. in 1960 he embarked on a search for the abominable snowman. a year later he suffered a mild cerebral stroke while climbing mt. makalu (27,790 ft; 8,470 m) in nepal. he was named new zealand's high commissioner to india in 1984. factmonster.com

  • "it was altogether abominable, and i don't deserve to be spoken to for a month, but you will, though, won't you?" and laurie folded his hands together with such and imploring gesture, as he spoke in his irresistibly persuasive tone, that it was impossible to frown upon him in spite of his scandalous behavior. infoplease.com

  • i have suffered with restless leg syndrome (rls) for a number of years and have been given ropinirole which is starting to wane in effect. since a while back i’ve been getting the same feelings spreading up my body to the point i have to keep taking deep breaths. so now it’s not just my legs but my abominable and chest too. i feel i have to add that i do suffer from anxiety and depression and was wondering if the anxiety was just causing this feeling spreading upwards. i haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in years. medicinenet.com

  • from the moment i started medical school, one pendulum has swung and swung hard. it's the pendulum of feedback. back when i started, feedback was unheard of. as students, we suffered through abominable lectures. no one cared what we thought. our only outlet was complaining to one another after class. fifteen years later, it's the opposite. we demand feedback. we hunt down feedback. we have 360-degree feedback. "thanks for attending our free webinar, please click on the link to provide feedback." medpagetoday.com