ac Definitions


ante cibum, before meals

initialism of en


initialism of en, (before christ.)


initialism of en, (competition yacht sailing match racing regatta)



the acura legend automobile.


as charged, as in: guilty as charged, usually a/c


of, belonging to.

ac thesaurus

america s cupaccess controlaxiom of choiceyear of our lordbutbcad

Examples include ac

  • the paper makes two contributions that will be useful for future researchers. we construct a bridge between the ce interview survey/diary survey to the ac nielsen data. we also document that changes in the diary survey methodology implemented in 2004 resulted in a large reduction in the standard deviation of spending in the diary data. bls.gov

  • li y, leung gm, tang jw, yang x, chao cy, lin jz, lu jw, nielsen pv, niu j, qian h, sleigh ac, su hj, sundell j, wong tw, yuen pl. role of ventilation in airborne transmission of infectious agents in the built environment – a multidisciplinary systematic review. indoor air. 2007 feb;17(1):2-18. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0668.2006.00445.x. pmid: 17257148. cdc.gov

  • the 2007 american community survey (acs) grid-sequential test provided data to help us decide the format of the basic demographic section of the 2008 acs mail form. specifically, the test helped determine whether the traditional ac s matrix/grid format for the basic demographic section of the mail form collects data that are different from data collected using the "€œperson box"/sequential format used in the decennial census. a second objective of this test was to determine whether moving the rostering instructions from page two next to the matrix to the cover of the form increased or decreased discrepancies between the count on the front of the form and the count of people provided in the basic demographic section. census.gov

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  • a line of baby monitors by angelcare are being recalled by the manufacturer after reports of two deaths and two other incidents where babies became entangled in the monitor’s cord. the recall affects model numbers ac 201, ac 301, ac 401 and ac 601, as well as angelcare video, movement and sound monitor model ac 1100. everydayhealth.com

  • you can prove theorem 15.3 by using the sss postulate. the kite abcd has ¯ab ~= ¯ad and ¯bc ~= ¯cd, and the reflexive property of ~= enables you to write ¯ac ~= ¯ac. then by cpoctac, you have ∠b ~= ∠d. as an added bonus, you also have ∠bac ~= ∠dac. this will come in handy when proving theorem 15.4. factmonster.com

  • (www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/hottopics/mercury/backgrounder.html) provides a summary of the changes made to the 2003 draft advisory for the 2004 advisory. the transcripts for the f ac meetings, which detail the scientific information considered and the discussion of those data relative to the development of the advisories are also available (http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/03/briefing/4010b1.htm). da obtained a peer review for the fda exposure assessment, and the agency carefully considered the comments, responded to those comments, and made both the peer review comments and our responses available to public view (see fda's food safety website atwww.cfsan.fda.gov/seafood1.html or http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/03/briefing/4010b1-12-%20epa.pdf hhs.gov

  • you can prove theorem 15.3 by using the sss postulate. the kite abcd has ¯ab ~= ¯ad and ¯bc ~= ¯cd, and the reflexive property of ~= enables you to write ¯ac ~= ¯ac. then by cpoctac, you have ∠b ~= ∠d. as an added bonus, you also have ∠bac ~= ∠dac. this will come in handy when proving theorem 15.4. infoplease.com

  • francisco pisauro equiti, ac d. marci procuratori accademiarum venete ditionis in experiundo solertiam pregresso, ac primum venetiis aereostatici globi periculum suo ere publice facienti accita zanchiorum opera, studio propensi erga nova philosophie inventa cives ingenium, animum, munificentiam admirati monumento palam edito gratulantur ... 1784] | 1 printlot 13399, no. 24 [p&p] | lc-uszc4-10453 (color film copy transparency) loc.gov

  • circulating tsh receptor stimulatory autoantibodies recognize the receptor on fibroblasts residing within the orbit. ligation of the receptor results in activation of the phosphoinositide-3-kinase (p13k)/akt signaling cascade, as well as others, including the adenylyl cyclase (ac)/camp pathway. this leads to increased production of hyaluronic acid (ha) by these cells and the development of new fat cells from a subset of adipocyte precursors. in addition, insulinlike growth factor (igf-i) and other growth factors and cytokines within the orbit may modulate these processes. this results in accumulation of ha and edema within the orbit and expansion of the orbital fat volume, leading to the varied clinical expressions of the disease. iyer s, et al. immunopathogenesis of graves' ophthalmopathy: the role of the tsh receptor (http://www.bprcem.com/article/s1521-690x(11)00130-8/abstract). best practice & research. clinical endocrinology & metabolism. 2012; 26(3):281-289. used with permission. mayoclinic.org

  • the acromioclavicular (ac) joint is located at the top of the shoulder; it joins the collar bone (clavicle) and the top of the shoulder blade (acromion). the ac joint deteriorates over time as the joint space between the clavicle and acromion decreases with aging. any injury to the ac joint can result in inflammation and swelling of the joints. medicinenet.com

  • medland se, nyholt dr, painter jn, mcevoy bp, mcrae af, zhu g, gordon sd, ferreira ma, wright mj, henders ak, campbell mj, duffy dl, hansell nk, macgregor s, slutske ws, heath ac, montgomery gw, martin ng. common variants in the trichohyalin gene are associated with straight hair in europeans. am j hum genet. 2009 nov;85(5):750-5. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2009.10.009. epub 2009 nov 5. pubmed: 19896111; pubmed central: pmc2775823. medlineplus.gov

  • as a rare cancer, little is known about risk factors and etiologies of appendiceal cancer (ac). overall, the incidence of malignant ac increased 232% between 2000-2016 in the u.s., with rates rising from older to younger generations. however, rates of appendectomies -- a common gastrointestinal surgical procedure that often leads to incident ac diagnosis -- remained stable over this period. these findings raise the question of what causes underlie the changing epidemiology and rising burden of cancers among patients age <50 years (early-onset cancers), including ac. the purpose of this study was to use population-based data to define the burden of ac in young patients, and to compare survival among non-hispanic whites, non-hispanic blacks, and hispanics diagnosed with early-onset ac. medpagetoday.com

  • ac changes direction frequently; it is the current usually supplied by household electrical outlets in the us and europe. dc flows in the same direction constantly; it is the current supplied by batteries. defibrillators and cardioverters usually deliver dc current. how ac affects the body depends largely on frequency. low-frequency (50- to 60-hertz [hz]) ac is used in us (60 hz) and european (50 hz) households. because low-frequency ac causes extended muscle contraction (tetany), which may freeze the hand to the current’s source and prolong exposure, it can be more dangerous than high-frequency ac and is 3 to 5 times more dangerous than dc of the same voltage and amperage. dc exposure is likely to cause a single convulsive contraction, which often throws the person away from the current’s source. merckmanuals.com

  • asm cell migration toward cse-stimulated a549 cells was markedly reduced by ac-rrwwcr-nh2 (il-8 inhibitor) and sb431542 (tgf-β1 inhibitor). cse-induced asm cell migration was also suppressed by the machrs antagonist tiotropium. interestingly, carbachol-stimulated a549 cells also induced asm cell migration; this migration event was suppressed by tiotropium, ac-rrwwcr-nh2 and sb431542. in addition, the effects of cse on asm cell migration were significantly and cooperatively enhanced by carbachol compared to cse alone. carbachol-induced asm cell migration was reduced by selective inhibitors of pi3k/akt (ly294002) and p38 (sb203580), suggesting that it occurred through p38 and akt phosphorylation, which was inhibited by the m3 machr antagonist 4-damp. nih.gov