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the fruit of these trees, harvested for its juice.

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  • you also may see the oil of the acai berry listed as an ingredient in some beauty products such as body creams, shampoos, and conditioners. that’s because acai oil can be processed and stored without losing its antioxidant benefits. while a safe alternative, acai oils haven’t been found any more beneficial than other oils, says gans. everydayhealth.com

  • a:true. the acai berry is a relative of the blueberry, cranberry, and other dark purple fruits. a reddish-purplish fruit, acai (pronounced ah-sah-ee) berries are highly touted by marketers who say it's one of the elite superfoods with anti-aging and weight-loss properties. the berries come from the acai palm tree (euterpe oleracea), which is native to central america and south america. research on the acai berry has focused on its possible antioxidant activity. theoretically, that activity may help prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress such as heart disease and cancer. medicinenet.com

  • i’m not going to go out and say “ditch the coffee”. i could never. however, i’ve found by limiting the coffee i drink in a day with other energy pick me ups have improved how i am feeling throughout the day. i’ve recently started using caffeinated water mix-ins instead of coffee in the afternoon. most of these are made of all-natural ingredients and use products like vitamin b and acai to further boost your energy levels in a way that is natural for the body, which avoids that crash later in the day. the added benefit to this is that i’m drinking adequate amounts of water. fighting dehydration i’ve found keeps me focused and avoids headaches. merckmanuals.com