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an orange-red dye obtained from this seed.

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lipstick treee160bannatto

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  • dr. dorris agrees: “almost any food — not just the eight most common allergens — can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. i have a few patients, for example, with an allergy to annatto, a food coloring made from seeds from the achiote tree that gives foods a richer, deeper yellow-orange color.” because annatto is not one of the major allergens, food manufacturers don’t have to list it as anything other than "coloring added."  people with this allergy, or other less common ones, have a couple options. "i would say that if they have a true annatto allergy and they are concerned that this allergen is in the food they wish to eat, they should avoid it," dorris says. "another option would be to call the manufacturer to find out more information." everydayhealth.com