ad lib Definitions


remark made spontaneously without prior preparation


said or done without having been planned or written in advance

with little or no preparation or forethought


without advance preparation

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a discretionad arbitriumad libitumadlibbingal piacerearrangementat choiceat pleasureat short noticeat sightat willbe caught nappingbe surprisedbe taken unawaresbe unpreparedby earcaught nappingcaught off balancecaught shortcook updash offdisqualificationdo offhandextemporaneousextemporaneouslyextemporaneousnessextemporarilyextemporarinessextemporaryextemporeextemporizationextemporizeextemporizedfakego off halfcockedhaphazardhastyhave no planimpromptuimprovisateimprovisationimprovisatorialimproviseimprovisedimprovisionimprovisoincapabilityincompetencejuryrigjuryrigged

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  • Another skeptic said he was worried that "we overestimate our digital competencies." While he agreed that the industry had to consider non-traditional revenue streams, he thought newspapers are not in a good position to compete with local ad agencies. journalism.org

  • At one paper, the gains in digital revenue completely offset the losses in print ad revenue. The paper posted a 13% increase in digital revenue. But the key to its success was keeping print ad revenue losses to less than 1%. journalism.org

  • At the same time, some executives spoke about the difficulties and frustrations in trying to hire digital ad staff for an industry that has fallen on hard times and that, in some cases, doesn’t offer the kind of compensation needed to attract top talent. journalism.org

  • Just as we see examples of papers that are succeeding more than others, there are conversely several newspapers in our sample that were faring worse than the average, even seeing digital ad revenues fall. journalism.org

  • September numbers from the magazine business find that the ad page slump in the big newsweeklies continues in 2007. But looking more closely reveals some real winners and some disappointed losers in a diverse medium. journalism.org

  • The good news for the newspaper industry in this data is that the percentage of digital ad revenue is growing at a double-digit pace. Overall, for the last full year for which papers had data, digital revenue at the papers studied grew 19% on average. journalism.org

  • This also marks the second week in a row that a political ad has been the No. 1 video on YouTube. A promo for Dale Peterson, a Republican running for the Alabama Agriculture Commission, topped the list the previous week. journalism.org

  • This paper also has made more progress than most shifting to digital, though it is still largely a print-based company. In all, digital ad revenues amounted to almost one-fifth (18%) of the print advertising revenues. journalism.org

  • While these numbers may seem small, recent data from Ad Age reports click-through rates for display ads to be less than 1%, meaning that the tablet may be a much more effective advertising delivery platform than conventional computers have been. journalism.org

  • "Arranging this nice weather took up most of my campaigning budget," smiled Irina Von Wiese, the party’s lead candidate for London.  It was quite funny but being a Lib Dem, she felt compelled to set the record straight. telegraph.co.uk

  • "Clean Break or a Bad Deal" -the full page ad from Nigel FarageIn the past week, Farage's #Brexit Party averaged 14%That's higher than UKIP in 2015 & a serious threat to Boris Johnson's hopes for a majorityHt @GawainTowler pic.twitter.com/TbejKF6b1g theguardian.com

  • "I haven't decided, I honestly haven't decided," she said when asked about a potential switch, before going on to praise the Lib Dems for acting as "a very effective brake on the right wing of my party" during the 2010-15 coalition government. telegraph.co.uk

  • "That set the bar. That was the epitome of a successful Super Bowl ad," says Jennifer Hammond, a 1985 graduate of the University of South Carolina's journalism school with a degree in advertising. sc.edu

  • "The aim of our latest ad campaign is to demonstrate, in our usual tone of voice, that Zoopla is a popular and well-known property website when selling or renting a home", a spokesperson said in a statement. telegraph.co.uk

  • "There is often nothing or very little in place for staff to get fluids on wards on an ad-hoc basis and they are expected only to drink in breaks which isn't right when temperature on wards are really high. telegraph.co.uk

  • "These high growth rates in the beginning of the quarter reflect our investments in our audience, ad products, and optimisation, and give us confidence in our ability to grow revenue over the long term. telegraph.co.uk

  • "This need for a “centre party” has, as I hope you will appreciate, surprised me. Cough, cough, from the Lib Dem corner: I think you will find there already is a centre party. It is called the Liberal Democrats, and it is in rude health." telegraph.co.uk

  • "We'd had some ad hoc practice but when it came to the end of the two hours of football it was a case of just putting yourself forward. It was the right and proper thing to do," said Pearce, years later. telegraph.co.uk