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Adjacent \Ad*ja"cent\, a. [L. adjacens, -centis, p. pr. of adjacere to lie near; ad + jac[=e]re to lie: cf. F. adjacent.]

Lying near, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on; as, a field adjacent to the highway. "The adjacent forest."

Adjacent \Ad*ja"cent\, n.

That which is adjacent. [R.] --Locke.

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adjoiningattachedborderingclosebyclosestconnectedconnectingconsecutiveconterminouscontiguouscoterminousend to endendwaysendwiseface to facehandyimmediatejoinedjuxtaposedjuxtapositionaljuxtapositivelinkednearbynearestneighborneighboringnextsuccessivetouching

Examples include adjacent

  • "Based on the potential of Ain Boucherit and the adjacent sedimentary basins, we suggest that hominin fossils and Oldowan artifacts as old as those documented in East Africa could be discovered in North Africa as well." telegraph.co.uk

  • "Get out on the streets & do somat useful instead of grovelling to the public," said another Twitter user. Others suggested that the berth-straddling may have been necessary to allow passengers to get out of the adjacent car. telegraph.co.uk

  • (You realise this by considering the symmetries of an equilateral triangle. Consider a line from the centre to a fixed point 1cm along a side. A 120 degree rotation of that line will cross the adjacent side at a point that is also 1cm along.) theguardian.com

  • A 2014 planning document produced ahead of the works carried out on Grenfell Tower read: “Due to its height the tower is visible from the adjacent Avondale Conservation Area to the south and the Ladbroke Conservation Area to the east. telegraph.co.uk

  • A garden adjacent the Osborne Administration Building was dedicated in honor of the three students who integrated the university in 1963. The ceremony was part of the yearlong events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of desegregation. sc.edu

  • A ghost sign advertising Lipton Tea adjacent to the development had previously been painted over with a bright-red advertisement for the new market, one of many new sites turning the former dockyard area into one of London’s latest "foodie" hotspots. telegraph.co.uk

  • A renowned restaurant with rooms just a couple of miles away from Abergavenny, offering an extensive lunch and dinner menu and a striking, all-day bar. The eight smart, modern rooms are in an adjacent extension with luxurious beds and bathrooms. telegraph.co.uk

  • A very comfortable hotel in two adjacent Baroque palazzi, with sea views from many rooms, cleverly meeting the expectations of travellers seeking international four-star comfort without compromising on its Sicilian identity or architectural inheritance. telegraph.co.uk

  • Adjacent to the terrace is a media room packed with sets for different internet shows, one of which sees Hearn - ever the ringmaster - presenting an episode of 'Bubble Trouble', his own daily chat show on Matchroom Boxing's media channels. telegraph.co.uk

  • Adjacent, the Amangalla hotel flirts with the echoes of another epoch, occupying a building that operated as the New Oriental Hotel from 1864 to 1995, serving up its afternoon teas on a veranda where ghosts surely dance. telegraph.co.uk

  • All rooms are the same, so children would have to share a double bed. An additional room needs to be booked for children over 10. No interconnecting rooms, but you can request when booking to have adjacent rooms. telegraph.co.uk

  • Along with Lord Pickles, the former Tory cabinet minister, Mr Balls is co-chairing an official advisory board overseeing plans for a new Holocaust memorial and educational centre proposed for the Victoria Tower Gardens park adjacent to Parliament. telegraph.co.uk

  • And even this is only a fraction of the tale of a city that was founded as Epidamnos by Greek colonists in 627 BC – although this distant period is recalled in the statues and shards of pottery at the adjacent excellent Muzeu Arkeologjik. telegraph.co.uk

  • Arriving at Spencer Park in Wandsworth, adjacent to the crash site, Thompson was immediately struck by the sight of a TV crew in a cherry picker. Down on the tracks, the scene itself was “like an urban warzone.” telegraph.co.uk

  • At the northern end of the city centre (near CitizenM), a good area for strolling, shopping and entertainment areas. The property is adjacent to the Theatre Royal, home of Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet companies. telegraph.co.uk

  • But it is the upstairs lounge in the adjacent douiria that really steals the show. This large, square room is super cosy and quiet, strewn with thick woollen Berber rugs and sofas, and trimmed with stucco work and topped by a magnificent glass dome.  telegraph.co.uk

  • CBSAs – or core-based statistical areas – are geographic areas defined by the U.S. federal government as consisting of at least one urban core of 10,000 people or more, plus adjacent counties that are socio-economically tied to the urban center. journalism.org