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an affected manner intended to impress others.



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  • the national broadcaster, seychelles broadcasting corporation (sbc), which is funded by taxpayer money, operates the only terrestrial tv station, which provides local programming and airs broadcasts from international services; a privately owned internet protocol television (iptv) channel also provides local programming multi-channel cable and satellite tv are available through 2 providers; the national broadcaster operates 1 am and 1 fm radio station; there are 2 privately operated radio stations; transmissions of 2 international broadcasters are accessible in victoria cia.gov

  • “this type of work is happening all over the country,” glazer says. in fact, airs will soon be in more than 40 hospitals, thanks to both the creative center and livestrong, which provides the grants needed to support each hospital program. it’s an inexpensive venture — but the payoffs are huge. everydayhealth.com

  • of the large collection of writings that derived from the coan school, only a few are generally ascribed to hippocrates himself, although his influence is felt throughout. of these, the aphorisms, summing up his observations and deductions, and airs, waters, and places, which recognized a link between environment and disease, are considered the most important. the collection has appeared in a number of translations, notably that of littré. factmonster.com

  • i am an associate producer with a television series that airs nationally on public television called "spotlight on". "spotlight on" has aired for over 26 years on pbs stations, as their only public awareness and education, audience monitored, 3-6 minute filler programming. we are interested in producing a show highlighting the national alzheimer's project act and hhs, informing the viewers about your mission of promoting awareness, research, care, and services for those affected by alzheimer's and related diseases. we can produce a show on any topic or initiative you think the public, caregivers, health professionals, and nursing home and long term care administrators should know about. for instance, empowering patients, families, and staff through support, communication, quality improvement programs, and care standards. we can also focus on research, detection, and innovative treatments. hhs.gov

  • 2. “all these therefore (beginning with mind and ending in sacrifice) centre in will, consist of will, abide in will. heaven and earth willed, air and ether willed, water and fire willed. through the will of heaven and earth &c. rain wills; through the will of rain food wills; through the will of food the vital airs will; through the will of the vital airs the sacred hymns will; through the will of the sacred hymns the sacrifices will; through the will of the sacrifices the world (as their reward) wills; through the will of the world everything wills. this is will. meditate on will.” infoplease.com

  • we as meniere's folks are asked questions like, ‘why are you not working? why have you put on the weight? why are you so depressed?’ do any of these sound familiar! when someone airs doubts about my invisible disability, the subject of meniere’s disease is bound to surface. i have had it for 34 years. try asking your ent for ativan; it helps with the stress. good luck to all! medicinenet.com

  • the fda requires pharmaceutical companies to adhere to certain standards when advertising drugs to consumers: the ads must not be false, misleading, or lacking facts, and they must show a fair balance of the risks and benefits of the drug. in addition, pharmaceutical companies are required to submit promotional materials to the fda when the drug ad airs. medpagetoday.com