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a festival in english country places, so called from the liquor drunk.

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  • within the breweries industry, producer prices for beer and ale in barrels and kegs increased 52 percent over the 2006–16 period. producer prices also advanced for bottled beer and ale case goods (29 percent) and canned beer and ale case goods (28 percent). among the three indexes, producer prices for barrels and kegs had consecutive over-the-year increases from 2006 to 2016. producer prices for bottled beer had consecutive increases that began in 2007, after a 0.5-percent decrease from 2006 to 2007. canned beer producer prices declined 3.0 percent from 2006 to 2007, then rose steadily each year until 2014, before leveling off for the remainder of the period. bls.gov

  • badanie: w ramach rejestru prowadzimy trzy badania kontrolne i kilka badań szczegółowych, które mają na celu poznanie wpływu wydarzeń 9/11 na zdrowie oraz nowych jednostek chorobowych powiązanych z 9/11. współpracujemy również z lekarzami i naukowcami z programu ochrony zdrowia wtc. w ramach rejestru nie świadczymy usług bezpośredniej opieki zdrowotnej, ale w przypadku chorób związanych z 9/11 pomagamy członkom uzyskać taką pomoc za pośrednictwem programu ochrony zdrowia wtc. cdc.gov

  • the key figure in classical spies is archaeologist roger young, a princeton phd and heir to the ballantine ale fortune, whom allen describes as a “coddled child of the gilded age.” (30) he was working on a dig in greece at the start of the war in europe. when italy invaded greece and most of his colleagues left for home, young decided to stay and help the greeks fight mussolini. but the government didn’t want foreigners. allen tells how young progressed from this situation to join the oss, where he recruited many archaeologist colleagues—they knew the language, geography, and culture—to staff its greek desk in washington and, later, cairo. cia.gov

  • capsules of powdered ginger have been found to reduce nausea and vomiting. you could also try a cup of ginger tea, a glass of ginger ale (some people swear it works better if it's flat), a few gingersnap cookies, or a piece of ginger candy. "ginger has been found to reduce symptoms of nausea, especially in pregnancy," says palinski-wade. pickled ginger, the kind that usually comes with sushi, may also help. "for symptoms of nausea, foods that are easy on the stomach, usually low-fat foods or ginger ale, can be helpful," says hanauer. everydayhealth.com

  • some liquids suggested for use in this experiment are white vinegar, club soda, ginger ale, glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, apple juice, lemonade, and tea. if you want to substitute another liquid for one or more of the ones suggested, that's fine. just be sure that all liquids are clear and at room temperature. factmonster.com

  • assisted living facilities participating in the ale waiver are required to bill medicaid for both the acs state plan service and the ale waiver services for recipients who are enrolled in the waiver and have income below $730 per month. the services must be specified in the resident's plan of care and must not be duplicative. acs is billed first, which in effect, saves waiver dollars. hhs.gov

  • do as the cow o' forfar did, tak' a stannin' drink. a cow, in passing a door in forfar, where a tub of ale had been placed to cool, drank the whole of it. the owner of the ale prosecuted the owner of the cow, but a learned baillie, in giving his decision, said, “as the ale was drunk by the cow while standing at the door, it must be considered deoch an doruis (stirrup-cup), to make a charge for which would be to outrage scotch hospitality.” (sir w. scott: waverley.) infoplease.com

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  • ginger, either the fresh root or powdered, is a common ingredient in asian cooking, including stir-fries and marinades. teas can be made from the powder or fresh root. ginger is often added to desserts, along with other spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, while candied ginger can be added to ginger cookies. although ginger ale carries the name “ginger,” the soda typically contains only ginger flavoring and not a significant amount of the actual herb. ginger can also be taken as a dietary supplement. mayoclinic.org

  • i have suffered for many years with occasional abdominal bloating and cramping pain in the right upper quadrant of my abdomen. a friend introduced me to ginger ale a few years ago, and now i am never without it. i can usually spot an attack before it reaches a severe level and then i drink some ginger ale. medicinenet.com

  • sertraline concentrate must be diluted before use. immediately before taking it, use the provided dropper to remove the amount of concentrate your doctor has told you to take. mix the concentrate with 4 ounces (1/2 cup [120 milliliters]) of water, ginger ale, lemon or lime soda, lemonade, or orange juice. after mixing, the diluted solution may be hazy; this is normal. do not mix the concentrate with any liquids other than the ones listed. drink the diluted solution immediately. medlineplus.gov

  • so what should patients do if they have frequent episodes of vomiting and have difficulty eating solid foods? i always have "sick day supplies" at home in preparation. first, it is essential to hydrate not just with water but salty drinks such as gatorade, colas and ginger-ale as this will aid with dehydration. also, i have foods with simple sugars such as glucose tablets, candy (one without nuts as this will slow down the absorption of sugar and take longer to correct hypoglycemia), and crackers, rice and bread are also easily digestible carbohydrates and will help to keep your sugar up. medpagetoday.com

  • adequate ventilation helps prevent symptoms. consuming alcoholic beverages and overeating before or during travel increase the likelihood of motion sickness. small amounts of fluids and bland food consumed frequently are preferred to large meals during extended travel; some people find that dry crackers and carbonated beverages, especially ginger ale, are best. if travel time is short, food and fluids should be avoided. merckmanuals.com