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in line


female given name


en or misspelling

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  • “a lot of people are undergoing tests who don’t need them,” explains aline charabaty, md, director of the center for inflammatory bowel diseases at georgetown university hospital in washington, d.c. “we need a better strategy.” dr. charabaty anticipates that the new microrna test will be available in just a few years. everydayhealth.com

  • "because of the inflammatory nature of the disease and the role of the bowel in absorbing and/or retaining nutrients, patients with ibd often have micronutrients, vitamins and minerals deficiencies, including b12 and other b complex, vitamin d, as well as protein-calorie deficiency, that can all play a role in brain health and risk of dementia," said dr. aline charabaty. she is director of the inflammatory bowel diseases (ibd) center at sibley memorial hospital in washington, d.c. medicinenet.com

  • "this research shows that if you're a smoker and you quit, no matter when you quit, you will be more likely to survive after being diagnosed with lung cancer, compared to someone who continues to smoke," said aline fusco fares, md, of princess margaret cancer center in toronto. "the study's message is simple: quit smoking now." medpagetoday.com