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to convert, or be converted, to an alkali

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  • treatment of the renal fanconi syndrome is by replacing the renal losses and supplementing with citrate to alkalinize the blood. phosphate replacement prevents and heals the rickets. vitamin d helps the intestinal absorption of phosphate. the outlook with this disease changed for the better with cystine depletion therapy using cysteamine (cystagon) which depletes cystinuric cells of most of their cystine, prevents kidney failure, and enhances growth. medicinenet.com

  • allopurinol 200 to 400 mg/m2 once/day, maximum 600 mg/day, and normal saline iv to achieve urine output > 2 l/day should be initiated with close laboratory and cardiac monitoring. patients who have a cancer with rapid cell turnover should receive allopurinol for at least 2 days before and during chemotherapy; for patients with high cell burden, this regimen can be continued for 10 to 14 days after therapy. all such patients should receive vigorous iv hydration to establish a diuresis of at least 100 ml/hour before treatment. although some physicians advocate sodium bicarbonate iv to alkalinize the urine and increase solubilization of uric acid, alkalinization may promote calcium phosphate deposition in patients with hyperphosphatemia, and a ph of about 7 should be avoided. merckmanuals.com