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a category that retains some of the structure of the category of binary relations between sets, representing a high-level generalisation of that category.

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  • the poetry of the alliterative revival (see alliteration), the unexplained reemergence of the anglo-saxon verse form in the 14th cent., includes some of the best poetry in middle english. the pearl, a christian allegory, is a poem of great intricacy and sensibility that is meaningful on several symbolic levels. sir gawain and the green knight, by the same anonymous author, is also of high literary sophistication, and its intelligence, vividness, and symbolic interest render it possibly the finest arthurian poem in english. other important alliterative poems are the moral allegory piers plowman, attributed to william langland, and the alliterative morte arthur, which, like nearly all english poetry until the mid-14th cent., was anonymous. factmonster.com

  • it leads me to a discussion of an issue that we confront that i think is critical to our success. if i can use an allegory, we have got like an eight oar boat and we can keep about four oars staffed and we have rotation in terms of the way we go about doing our work, i think, which is fine. but we need to be able to staff eight oars and we are not well tuned into the other sections of government that relate to the content that we are working on. our ties with cms are not strong enough. our ties into ahrq are not strong enough. hhs.gov

  • "there was one odd fellow in our company-he was so like a figure in the 'pilgrim's progress' that richard always called him the 'allegory,' with a long white beard-a rare appendage in those days-and a face the colour of which seemed to have been baked in, like the faces one used to see on earthenware jugs. in our country- dialect earthenware is called 'clome'; so the boys of the village used to shout out after him-'go back to the potter, old clomeface, and get baked over again.' for the 'allegory,' though shrewd enough in most things, had the reputation of being 'saift-baked,' i.e., of weak intellect." infoplease.com

  • an entomologist gets trapped in a sandpit. this is a plot for a movie? adapted from his novel, screenwriter kobo abe fashioned a haunting, existential allegory reminiscent of kafka, beckett, and the twilight zone. like sisyphus, the main character is forced to endlessly labor at a hopeless task, but in doing so gains more than he loses. loc.gov

  • it seems somehow reasonable to use the issue of sports morality as a metaphor of our sociocultural climate and direction ... you know: cheating and getting caught, personal hubris and arrogance, public attitudes and mores, rhetorical dissonance, republican versus democrat ... a sports allegory lending insight perhaps into these troubled times and how sports figures, like politicians, are an extension of reality. medpagetoday.com