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in any event.

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  • unlike most other industries, the political organizations industry is affected by the congressional and presidential election calendar. presidential and (regularly scheduled) congressional elections are always held on the first tuesday after the first monday in november, meaning that they always occur on november 2, november 8, or a day between those dates. congressional elections occur in all even-numbered years. presidential elections occur in even-numbered years divisible by 4. odd-numbered years have no presidential elections and few, if any, congressional elections (although special elections are sometimes held to fill congressional vacancies). elections for state, county, and municipal offices are often, but not always, held on the same day as congressional and presidential elections. bls.gov

  • i agree with some of the lower comments but you should always carry a flash light. also you shouldent camp in small places because you might be cornered. always carry a small thing of value and extra money incase of a run-in with somemore “surviors” or to bribe with.avoid these places: hosbitals, malls, super markets and contact with other people. good blog though! cdc.gov

  • note: percentages are rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent; therefore, the percentages in a distribution do not always add to exactly 100 percent. the totals, however, are always shown as 100. moreover, individual figures are rounded to the nearest thousand without being adjusted to group totals, which are independently rounded; percentages are based on the unrounded numbers. census.gov

  • i still have a job to do here—fighting for you and for the success of our global mission.  if all goes as planned, my last day of service will be july 1st.  whatever happens in coming weeks, i want you to know that i will always have a warm place in my heart for the cia.  like you, i will always be proud to be part of our agency family.  wherever i go and wherever i serve, i will remember you for your great patriotism in giving our children a better and more secure life.  that is and always will be our sacred duty. cia.gov

  • clinicians are our colleagues, and the quality of their experience is always top of mind. our dedicated pharmacists, physicians, and associates sift through immense amounts of research and data, condensing it with absolute accuracy, so providers can trust they will prescribe safely and efficiently in the moment of care. meet the people behind our in-depth clinical content. epocrates.com

  • aprednisolon got this always immediately after a ms attack started. first as infusion (2 weeks during a severe attack, 4 days on 2 opticus neuritis), after that a period between 10 and 6 days always declining in tablet form. always felt like a zombie, could not sleep at night, tired all day, concentration deficiencies. nevertheless, it was always quite effective. everydayhealth.com

  • an easy mistake to make is to assume that one muscle is always the agonist, and the other is always the antagonist. in truth, the agonist is always the muscle that is contracting at that moment (let's say the biceps brachii), and the antagonist is the muscle that is being stretched (let's say the triceps brachii). as soon as the triceps start to contract, it becomes the agonist, and the biceps become the antagonist. factmonster.com

  • i knew i was unique early on. i’ve always been creative and have always been in constant pursuit of knowledge. unfortunately, like many other creatives throughout history, i often find myself dealing with depressive spells. since childhood, i’ve always been prone to extreme sadness. unlike for other children, this sadness would often occur suddenly and unprovoked. healthline.com

  • always in the middle of the night, even if the offending meal was at noon, and always lasting for hours, these incidents were always accompanied by fear of death, racing heart, an instant weakness in the limbs, and an inability to hold myself up, this happened countless times over 9 months before i realized that it was always after eating beef or pork, hhs.gov

  • the speech of petieit villeu little thief, if you think right and can waite untill all our warriers come from the buffalows hunt, we can then tell you who is our men of consequnce- my fathers always lived with the father of the b together & we always live with the big hose-all the men here are the suns of chief and will be glad to get something from the hands of their fathers.- my father always directed me to be friendly with the white people, i have always done so and went often to the french, give my party pieces of paper & we will be glad- the names infoplease.com

  • the sandbox in the corner of the playground for little children was always full of overflowing and the fence which kept out the grown ups was always lined with an interested audience of mothers, fathers, big sisters and soldiers convalescing in the lyons hospital. 1 june 1918. | 1 negativelc-a6196- 4399 [p&p] | lc-dig-anrc-07570 (digital file from original) loc.gov

  • while complex regional pain syndrome is not a common condition, it can be debilitating to those it affects, dr. lamer says. "the word 'complex' is there for a reason. it's a chronic pain condition almost always affecting an arm or leg or foot or hand, and it almost always occurs after trauma." mayoclinic.org

  • i always collect unwanted things but i always hesitate to throw them away because i feel that something bad is going to happen to my family. i'm always counting so many times when washing my hands and i always touch things over and over again until it feels right. i open and close the door several times. i turn the light switch off and on like 16 or 17 times just to keep things from happening to the ones i love. i always check for things. i am fighting this and it's pretty hard. i repeat myself alot. it's kinda hard but i'm getting help and i'm getting a little bit better. medicinenet.com

  • prevention may not always be possible. the goal is to get rid of the fleas. this can be done by treating your home, pets, and outside areas with chemicals (pesticides). small children should not be in the home when pesticides are being used. birds and fish must be protected when chemicals are sprayed. home foggers and flea collars do not always work to get rid of fleas. always consult your veterinarian for help. medlineplus.gov

  • time is always going to be against us. the hospital's always running 24/7. you're always going to have to see the patients. there's always going to be work to be done. but if you're able to carve out that time, you really are able to focus on those things that are of interest to you. medpagetoday.com

  • as a student i am always on the run, always asking questions, and always being asked questions. i am always researching for information for new stuff, or to just jog my memory. either way, my student-brain is always going one hundred miles a minute. something that actually helps me get clear concise information fast and […] merckmanuals.com