analogy Definitions

Analogy \A*nal"o*gy\, n.; pl. Analogies. [L. analogia, Gr. ?, fr. ?: cf. F. analogie. See Analogous.]

1. A resemblance of relations; an agreement or likeness between things in some circumstances or effects, when the things are otherwise entirely different. Thus, learning enlightens the mind, because it is to the mind what light is to the eye, enabling it to discover things before hidden.

2. (Biol.) A relation or correspondence in function, between organs or parts which are decidedly different.

3. (Geom.) Proportion; equality of ratios.

4. (Gram.) Conformity of words to the genius, structure, or general rules of a language; similarity of origin, inflection, or principle of pronunciation, and the like, as opposed to anomaly. --Johnson.

analogy thesaurus

affinityagentagreementalignmentalikenessallegoryalliancealternatealternativeambiguityapingapproachapproximationassimilationbackupbalancingchangechangelingclosenesscoextensioncollineationcommunitycomparabilitycomparative anatomycomparative degreecomparative grammarcomparative judgmentcomparative linguisticscomparative literaturecomparative methodcomparecomparingcomparisonconcurrenceconformityconfrontationconfrontmentcontrastcontrastivenesscopycopyingcorrelationcorrespondencecounterfeitdeputydistinctiondistinctivenessdoubledummyequal

Examples include analogy

  • "It’s not just an analogy, it’s a deep mathematical insight. Biology and computing are disciplines which seem like chalk and cheese but which have very deep connections on the most fundamental level.”  telegraph.co.uk

  • And so we leave this Titanic analogy (or is it straight-up cosplay?) and go back ... back to my early encounters with la famille Trump. Paging James Cameron: stop faffing around with Avatar 17 and send us some CGI stat! theguardian.com

  • Development of the energy equation for convection and some exact solutions. Approximate analysis of the boundary layer by integral methods. Analogy between heat and momentum transfer. Experimental results. sc.edu

  • He's using an analogy to cover the fact that he's clueless and incompetent and he and his mates have been concentrating on how much they can steal before even the fascist press and the no-nothings in their own party twig. theguardian.com

  • I come from humble beginnings, but I use the analogy of a Savile Row suit that has been made for me. I’m still wearing my first suit today, and it gets lots of compliments even though it’s 22 years old. telegraph.co.uk

  • In an analogy which drew comparisons on Twitter to Alan Partridge, the former House Party presenter blamed left-wingers who ruined school sports day because “a fat kid didn’t make it over the line first”. theguardian.com

  • Schmidt said he was impressed by his No 10's heart, and passing, if not his accuracy off the tee. “To use a golfing analogy, he was great with his irons but didn’t have his putting game today,” said the Kiwi. telegraph.co.uk

  • Siegfried is often described – using the analogy of a four-movement symphony – as the “scherzo” of the cycle, and the coolly charismatic Vladimir Jurowski conducted it very much in that spirit, giving a fierce, fleet-footed performance. telegraph.co.uk

  • The EU is not a private company and "sovereignty" is an fairly abstract concept that cannot be outsourced - the analogy is poor to say the least. Furthermore, the EU has its checks and balances and is fairly transparent. theguardian.com

  • The project has reached a delicate point. The steel goes in today and the gaps in the upstairs bedroom walls will be closed back up. Next week, Steve will plaster and paint over the scars. (No, I haven't quite exhausted this analogy yet.) telegraph.co.uk

  • The worker bee has been representative of Manchester since the Industrial Revolution, a symbol of the city’s hard-working past. Manchester’s textile mills were described as “hives of activity” in the 1800s, and the bee analogy stuck. telegraph.co.uk

  • This is what metaphors do. They propose a way of understanding something in the terms of another; the analogy distorts the phenomenon being described by highlighting those features most aligned with what it is being compared to. niemanlab.org

  • To take the analogy a step further, though, you’d have to watch a demonstration of current yo-yoing. Yo-yos have come a long way from your basic beginners’ Duncan. And that has led to a whole new level of amazingly sophisticated tricks. saintleo.edu

  • Uniquely, the book treats time-dependent systems by close analogy with their static counterparts, with most of the familiar results of equilibriumthermodynamics and statistical mechanics being generalized and applied to the non-equilibrium case. telegraph.co.uk

  • Within Tory circles, the same analogy is being used to describe Boris Johnson’s 2019 campaign - which explains why the Conservatives unveiled one of the most cautious manifestos in recent memory on Sunday. telegraph.co.uk

  • “It could usefully be confined, so far as those matters are concerned, to the expression of an opinion, perhaps by analogy with section 4 of the Human Rights Act 1998, that Parliament can consider when the legislation in question next comes before it.” telegraph.co.uk

  • “It has never happened and I do not think that it will happen. To use a marital analogy, there might be occasional American flirtation with the French, but they always return to the familiarity of the US-UK relationship.”  telegraph.co.uk

  • “We are a bit like an old car at the moment, aren’t we?” he said on Wednesday, continuing his penchant for a vehicular analogy in a rather polite bemoaning of his side’s inconsistencies, especially up front. telegraph.co.uk