anarchy Definitions

Anarchy \An"arch*y\, n. [Gr. ?: cf. F. anarchie. See Anarch.]

1. Absence of government; the state of society where there is no law or supreme power; a state of lawlessness; political confusion.

2. Hence, confusion or disorder, in general.

anarchy thesaurus

amorphiaamorphismamorphousnessanarchismanarchosyndicalismanomieantinomianismblurrinesschaosconfusioncriminal syndicalismcriminalismcriminalitydiffusiondiscontinuitydiscretenessdisjunctiondislocationdisorderdisorderlinessdisorganizationdispersaldispersiondisruptiondissolutiondistemperentropyfabulous formless darknessformlessnessfoulupfuzzinesshasslehazinessillegalityillicit businessillicitnessimpermissibilityincoherenceinconsistencyindecisivenessindefinitenessindeterminatenesslawlessnesslegal flawlicenselynch lawmessinessmisrulemistinessmixup

Examples include anarchy

  • A disallowed goal in the closing stages of the game between PAOK and AEK Athens sparked anarchy on Sunday night, when PAOK chief Ivan Savvidis stormed the pitch while appearing to carry a holstered gun.   telegraph.co.uk

  • A series of stoppages by rail unions in the run-up to Christmas, which come after months of delays and disruption, are destroying lives and livelihoods and creating a “mood of real anarchy” among passengers, one senior MP said. telegraph.co.uk

  • Following on from the government advocating law breaking as a way of getting its own way we now have Pritti Pathetic claiming that XR threatens UK way of life and she will not allow anarchy to prevail. theguardian.com

  • He said: "If our opponents prevail no one will be safe in our country. I'm the only thing standing between the American dream and total anarchy, madness and chaos.So the future of our country and indeed our civilisation is at stake on November 3." telegraph.co.uk

  • There would be only one survivor from the gilded roll call of passengers...Written to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the shipwreck, Charles Spencer evokes the harsh and brutal story of the Normans from Conquest to Anarchy. telegraph.co.uk

  • Trump found, when he threatened America’s healthcare and shut down its government, his popularity collapsed. We can at least hope that the Brexit right will find their supporters turning on them if they bring anarchy to the UK. theguardian.com

  • What if Negan is the good guy and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is the crazed facilitator of anarchy? Yes, the Walking Dead was finally making explicit an ethical switcheroo hinted at through the past season and a half.  telegraph.co.uk

  • With their release from prison rapidly coming due, Jax, Clay and the other jailed Sons of Anarchy must find a way to settle the score before they're let loose, along with the hell that's coming so close on their heels. telegraph.co.uk

  • “We are seeing the emergence of 50-state anarchy, because of a total vacuum of federal leadership. It’s absurd that thinktanks and Twitter are providing more actionable guidance in the US than the federal government, but that’s where we are.” theguardian.com