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a mountain of the himalayas in the western part of nepal, near the border of tibet.

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application programming interface

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  • using bls api signatures, developers and programmers can retrieve published historical timeseries data in json data-interchange or xlsx format. the bls public api utilizes two http request-response mechanisms to retrieve data: get and post. get requests data from a specified source. post submits data to a specified resource to be processed. the bls public data api uses get to request a single piece of information and post for all other requests. bls.gov

  • the api group has a 48.16 percent scom rate and 32.49 percent som rate. a comparison between the individual api races and the "other api" category shows some unusual results. the scom rates for the individual api races range from 43.55 percent for vietnamese to 91.06 percent for filipinos, while their som rates range from 40.31 percent for guamanians to 88.11 percent for chinese. the "other api" category, which covers all api races not listed separately on the 1990 decennial census questionnaire, has a 3.34 percent scom rate and a 21.20 percent som rate. without this category, the individual api races have a combined 88.04 percent scom rate and 66.76 percent som rate. census.gov

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  • at the time of his conversion, taufa'ahau took the name of siaosi (george) and his consort assumed the name salote (charlotte) in honor of king george iii and queen charlotte of england. in the following years, he united all of the tongan islands for the first time in recorded history. in 1845, he was formally proclaimed king george tupou i, and the present dynasty was founded. he established a constitution and a parliamentary government based, in some respects, on the british model. in 1862, he abolished the existing system of semi-serfdom and established an entirely alien system of land tenure. under this system every male tongan, upon reaching the age of 16, was entitled to rent--for life and at a nominal fee--a plot of bushland (called "api tukuhau") of 8.25 acres, plus a village allotment of about three-eights of an acre for his home (‘api kolo). factmonster.com

  • dr. suarez: anyway, the interest i really have in all this is more the capability of utilizing api to access the data. in some of the websites, for example, regulations.gov, there is on the homepage a specific clickable item for api developers and for api or app developers through apis. and so on the home page there’s an actual clickable element that allows quickly access to the api components. hhs.gov

  • births the 2009 preliminary estimate of registered births for the united states was 4,131,019, 3% less than 2008 (4,247,694). births declined for all race and hispanic origin groups, down 4% for hispanic women, 2% for non-hispanic white, non-hispanic black and american indian or alaska native (aian) women, and 1% for asian or pacific islander (api) women. infoplease.com

  • extracting this data was easy, thanks to the well-designed chronicling america api, structured views of the data, and expert assistance from lc colleague, chris ehrman. generally, we extracted the data from chronicling america and converted it to .csv or .xlsx formats, both of which work seamlessly in tableau public software. we provide access to this data via the download link alongside each visualization.  more information about the visualizations and the links to the scripts chris created can be found on our chronicling america data visualizations web page. loc.gov

  • our medical staff has decided to start using another credentialing software with minimal notice. the big problem with this is our website's "find a provider" is no longer up to date because it feeds off the old software's data. when i started setting up the new api with the new software, i had to talk it over with our medical staff. they now want to change the way providers are displayed on the website. as of right now, we show only the providers contracted by our hospital. they would like to see every provider that is credentialed on the website. do other hospitals have everyone that is credentialed on their website, or do you have rules set up that limit people like locums from showing? mayoclinic.org

  • medlineplus produces xml data sets that you are welcome to download and use. if you have questions about the medlineplus xml files, please contact us. for additional sources of medlineplus data in xml format, visit our web service page. if you are looking for data from medlineplus genetics, please see medlineplus genetics data files & api. medlineplus.gov

  • another well-known reason for shortages include production issues that dry up supplies. disruptions to the active pharmaceutical ingredient (api) suppliers, such as an impurity that leads to a recall of a product, can also lead to a product shortage. changes in api requirements can have the same effect. for instance, a change to the monograph for potassium chloride led to a shortage. medpagetoday.com

  • sources: numbeo.com. cost of living.; numbeo.com; http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/; https://content.markitcdn.com/commsec/api/document/b64enceyjkayi6ijiymdmtmtazmdm1mi0xiiwizmlkijpudwxslcjkdci6bnvsbh0%3d.pdf, april 2014. p. 1.; wikipedia: purchasing power parity (ipad index) ([1] the age 23 september 2013 [1] 23rd sep 2013, commsec economic insight: commsec ipad index sep 23,2013 [1] commonwealth securities 23 september 2013 [1] how much an ipad costs 21 december 2013). population figures from world bank: (1) united nations population division. world population prospects, (2) united nations statistical division. population and vital statistics report (various years), (3) census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, (4) eurostat: demographic statistics, (5) secretariat of the pacific community: statistics and demography programme, and (6) u.s. census bureau: international database.; numbeo.com. cost of living.; http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/prices_by_city.jsp?displaycurrency=usd; cost of living nationmaster.com

  • a new application programming interface (api) is available for analysts and programmers to search, retrieve, and reuse nih reporter data. instead of downloading full sets of records in bulk through the exporter files, the new nih reporter api allows users to write computational procedures to retrieve just the grants data they need. nih.gov

  • we reserve the right to cancel any api key at any time should we find that the api is being abused and is causing performance issues for the rest of our users. in the event that we feel this step may be warranted, we will make every attempt to contact you prior to canceling the key. usa.gov