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Archetype \Ar"che*type\ ([aum]r"k[-e]*t[imac]p), n. [L. archetypum, Gr. 'arche`typon, fr. 'arche`typos stamped first and as model; 'arche = 'archi + ty`pos stamp, figure, pattern, ty`ptein to strike: cf. F. arch['e]type. See Arch-, pref.]

1. The original pattern or model of a work; or the model from which a thing is made or formed.

2. (Coinage) The standard weight or coin by which others are adjusted.

3. (Biol.) The plan or fundamental structure on which a natural group of animals or plants or their systems of organs are assumed to have been constructed; as, the vertebrate archetype.

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  • The MG T Series, and in particular the TC model of 1945-49, represent the treasured archetype of the British sports car - instantly recognisable and as popular today as they have consistently been throughout the decades. telegraph.co.uk

  • The archetype of the hard-drinking private detective, Humphrey Bogart was the face of post-war film noir. Following his his starring roles in Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep, he won a Best Actor Oscar in 1951 for The African Queen. telegraph.co.uk