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  • the metropolitan area data are not seasonally adjusted and are from the current employment statistics (state and area) and local area unemployment statistics programs. november 2011 metropolitan area unemployment rates are preliminary and subject to revision. find out more in "metropolitan area employment and unemployment — november 2011" (html) (pdf), news release usdl-12-0001. bls.gov

  • if you’re thinking about having a baby in the near future and you or your partner live in or traveled to an area with a zika outbreak (red areas on the zika map) or an area with risk of zika (purple areas on zika map), talk with your doctor or other healthcare provider. see women & their partners trying to become pregnant. cdc.gov

  • "when segment numbers are depleted within a particular sector area, which we may also refer to as a zip+2 area, the u.s.p.s. inserts another sector area within the original sector area. this additional sector area may split the original sector area, creating two discontiguous sector areas with the same sector number. segment numbers are unique for a sector number. the number assigned to the new, inserted sector area is previously unused within the particular 5-digit zip code area. residential-to-commercial rezoning typically causes segment number depletion." 3/ census.gov

  • because of the political sensitivity of the facility, no other us military personnel were permitted in the area to defend the site, so defense of phou phathi depended on the two cia paramilitary officers in the area and the approximately 1,000 hmong they advised. this situation was not reassuring; the enemy in the area knew of americans on the mountain, knew who they were, and knew what they were doing. a notebook taken from an nva officer killed in february described the site in detail and referred to the "tacan" in english. cia.gov

  • initially what we do is just breathe in, and imagine breathing in through our heart area. we breathe in and we send cool air and oxygen to our chest area and breathe out from the heart. so we’re breathing in and out just normally but focusing on that chest area and imagining good, wholesome oxygen and energy going through the chest area to the heart. everydayhealth.com

  • shadows are not totally black. if you look closely at a shadow, you will see a dark area in the centre and a lighter area around it. the central dark area, called the umbra, occurs where rays of light from the source are totally blocked. the outer area, called the penumbra, is lighter because some rays do get through. factmonster.com

  • greater cleaveland residents are fortunate to be surrounded with some of the best healthcare centers in the country. cleveland clinic is the #1 hospital system in ohio, and #2 hospital in the nation. cleveland clinic has a 44-building campus which includes specialty centers such as cole eye institute, center for geriatric and diabetic care, global cardiovascular innovation center, and taussig cancer institute. cleveland clinic serves more than just the cleveland metropolitan area, drawing patients from over 50 states and 135 countries. local residents may consider other healthcare systems in the area including louis stokes cleveland va medical center and metrohealth medical center. there are two medical schools in the area, case western reserve university school of medicine and cleveland clinic lerner college of medicine. healthline.com

  • area of focus – other tick-borne disorders: alpha gal allergy area of focus: single tick-borne infections and co-infections diagnostics area of focus: treatment guidelines for treating other tick-borne infections and co-infections area of focus: prevention of tick-borne infections and co-infections area of focus: health care costs associated with other tick-borne diseases and co-infections hhs.gov

  • now consider the problem of finding the area a of a circle whose radius has length r. the formula for this is a = πr2. you can find the area of a sector using proportions, just as you found the length of an arc. if the area of the entire circle is πr2, the area of a sector with degree measure θ is found by evaluating infoplease.com

  • kitchen-dining area of case study house no. 8. 2 3/16" unglazed ceramic tile extends from dining area into kitchen and to utility area beyond [ca. 1948] | 1 architectural drawing on tracing paper mounted on board | eames, charlesunprocessed in pr 13 cn 1989:150 [item] [p&p] | lc-uszc4-4930 (color film copy transparency) loc.gov

  • if the suspicious area is located very near where the bile duct joins the small intestine, your doctor may obtain a biopsy sample during ercp. if the suspicious area is within or near the liver, your doctor may obtain a tissue sample by inserting a long needle through your skin to the affected area (fine-needle aspiration). he or she may use an imaging test, such as an endoscopic ultrasound or ct scan, to guide the needle to the precise area. mayoclinic.org

  • a thin layer of altabax should be applied to the affected area (up to 100 cm2 in total area in adults or 2% total body surface area in pediatric patients aged 9 months or older) twice daily for 5 days. the treated area may be covered with a sterile bandage or gauze dressing if desired. medicinenet.com

  • before applying the medication, clean the burned area and remove any dead or burned skin. always wear a sterile, disposable glove when you apply silver sulfadiazine. cover the cleaned burned area with a 1/16-inch (0.2-centimeter) thickness of cream. keep the burned area covered with cream at all times; reapply the cream to any area that becomes uncovered. medlineplus.gov

  • ambassador at large deborah birx, md, summarized the geographic areas that the task force was currently concerned about, which included the new york/new jersey metro area as well as long island and connecticut. "we're also focused on new orleans metro area... and of course the detroit area," birx added. "we continuing to track very closely out of concerns of reaching logarithmic phase in the chicago metro area, the boston metro area, the d.c. and baltimore metro area, indianapolis, the denver area, and two regions of pennsylvania -- philadelphia and pittsburgh -- as well as dallas and houston." medpagetoday.com

  • ingrown nails may cause no symptoms at first but eventually may become painful, especially when pressure is applied to the ingrown area. the area is usually red and may be warm. if not treated, the area is prone to infection. once infected, the area becomes more painful, red, and swollen. pus may accumulate under the skin next to the nail (an infection of the cuticle called paronychia) and drain. merckmanuals.com

  • the calling code for each country. a calling code should not be confused with an area or city code. for instance, the calling code for the united states is 1, and the area code for detroit is 313. in order to dial detroit from overseas you must dial the 1, plus 313, then the actual phone number. it's also common to see a “+” in front of the calling code, e.g., +1 313 xxx-xxxx. nationmaster.com