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any monocyclic or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

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  • and of them that dwelt in pylos and lovely arene and thryon the fording-place of alpheios, and in established aipy, and were inhabitants of kyparisseis and amphigeneia and pteleos and helos and dorion--where the muses met thamyris the thracian, and made an end of his singing, as he was faring from oichalia, from eurytos the oichalian; for he averred with boasting that he would conquer, even did the muses themselves sing against him, the daughters of aegis-bearing zeus; but they in their anger maimed him, moreover they took from him the high gift of song and made him to forget his harping--of all these was knightly nestor of gerenia leader, and with him sailed ninety hollow ships. infoplease.com