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any of several plants, of the genus arnica, considered to have medicinal properties, especially ''''.

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  • “it's a great first aid remedy,” says cates. “buy a topical arnica gel or oral arnica with 30x potency (arnica is toxic at higher doses). orally, i'd suggest taking it three times a day. for topical use, apply anywhere from one up to six times a day, though you really can't max out.” everydayhealth.com

  • arnica cordifolia, arnica des montagnes, arnica flos, arnica flower, arnica fulgens, arnica latifolia, arnica montana, arnica sororia, arnikabluten, bergwohlverieih, doronic d'allemagne, fleurs d'arnica, herbe aux chutes, herbe aux prêcheurs, kraftwurz, leopard's bane, mountain snuff, mountain tobacco, plantin des alpes, quinquina des pauvres, souci des alpes, tabac des savoyards, tabac des vosges, wolf's bane, wundkraut. medicinenet.com