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, which flows through lough neagh.

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  • limited recall of nmep. previous studies have demonstrated that beneficiaries may not accurately recall receiving or accessing nmep resources, which may make it difficult for the study to distinguish between participants who did not access these resources and participants who simply do not recall accessing these resources. for example, approximately 20% to 30% of beneficiaries do not recall receiving the medicare & you handbook even though the handbook is regularly mailed to all enrolled individuals (bann et al., 2004bann et al., 2004; brant et al., 2001brant et al., 2001). telephone interviewers may help beneficiaries recall exposure to nmep resources by using probing questions and describing the resource in considerable detail. hhs.gov

  • in the 1950s, disadvantaged british children tended to be thinner, whereas now the reverse is true. "the soft drinks industrial levy" -- a sugar tax on beverages -- "is a positive but likely very limited step in the right direction," stated lead author david bann, phd, of university college london. (the lancet public health) medpagetoday.com