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, 109 eV. A unit used for measuring the energy of subatomic particles.

initialism of en


A diminutive of the female given names Beverly and Beverley.

initialism of en

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  • "Warm weather is forecast for much of the country this weekend and whatever the weather, the bank holiday is when many people quite rightly want to make the most of our wonderful coastline and beaches," said Bev Allen, maritime operations controller. telegraph.co.uk

  • And BEVs are not only cool and quirky and quick and comfortable – they’re quieter too. Significantly so; one ride in a upscale BEV is usually enough to convince you that this is the future of luxury motoring. telegraph.co.uk

  • More expensive BEV newcomers will include Ford’s Mustang Mach E (not, as you might expect, a sports car but a crossover), Volvo’s Polestar 2 and possibly Tesla’s fourth new model, the Model Y, which is an SUV version of the existing Model 3.   telegraph.co.uk

  • Video of unidentifiable federal officers, looking more like soldiers of an occupying army than police, beating and snatching protesters off the streets angered a 35-year-old mother of two, Bev Barnum, who posted a Facebook message on Saturday morning. theguardian.com

  •  Bev Hughes, Greater Manchester’s deputy mayor for policing crime and criminal justice, said the city’s violence reduction unit is “building an action plan in response to all the insight and research”. telegraph.co.uk

  •  I lived with a BMW i3 – by far and away the most sophisticated BEV money can buy right now – for four months and even with no off-street parking and living in a town with no on-street charging at that time, I soon discovered telegraph.co.uk