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a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves.

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  • administration. upon completion of the death record of an individual and issuance of a burial permit, the state registrar must facilitate the electronic notification of the decedent’s name, social security number, and last known address to the state department of labor and workforce development and the state department of human services in order to safeguard public benefit programs and diminish the criminal use of a decedent’s name and other identifying information. bls.gov

  • cdc’s regulatory authority under 42 cfr §71.55external icon importation of human remains, governs the importation of the remains of a person intended for burial, entombment, or cremation (“final resting”). this authority applies to the whole body or body portion of a deceased human being, including internal or external body parts, being consigned directly to a licensed mortuary, cemetery, or crematory for immediate and final preparation before final resting. this provision explains that if imported remains will undergo a medical examination or autopsy, the remains must be consigned directly to an entity authorized to perform such functions under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction prior to final resting. cdc.gov

  • sailing from long beach, california, the glomar explorer arrived over the recovery site on july 4, 1974 and conducted salvage operations for more than a month under total secrecy—despite much of the time being monitored by nearby soviet ships curious about its mission. during the operation, many small things went wrong but were quickly corrected. however, during the lift when the submarine was a third of the way up, it broke apart, and a section plunged back to the ocean bottom. crestfallen, the glomar crew successfully hauled up the portion that remained in the capture vehicle. among the contents of the recovered section were the bodies of six soviet submariners. they were given a formal military burial at sea. in a gesture of good will, director of central intelligence robert gates presented a film of the burial ceremony to russian president boris yeltsin in 1992. cia.gov

  • say the words "comfort food" and what comes to mind? maybe it's piping-hot macaroni and cheese with a crunchy, golden-brown crust, or chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven. what about a big mound of fluffy white mashed potatoes with a pool of melted butter dripping down the side? everydayhealth.com

  • tourism is a valuable revenue producer, bringing in $36 billion in 2009. attractions include the rock and roll hall of fame, indian burial grounds at mound city group national monument, perry's victory international peace memorial, the pro football hall of fame at canton, and the homes of presidents grant, taft, hayes, harding, and garfield. factmonster.com

  • last illness and burial expenses your countable income may be reduced by the amount of expenses of the last illness and burial of a spouse or child paid by you at any time prior to the end of the year following the year of death for which you were not reimbursed. use item 40, “remarks,” to report such expenses. hhs.gov

  • tourism is a valuable revenue producer, bringing in $36 billion in 2009. attractions include the rock and roll hall of fame, indian burial grounds at mound city group national monument, perry's victory international peace memorial, the pro football hall of fame at canton, and the homes of presidents grant, taft, hayes, harding, and garfield. infoplease.com

  • view looking southwest at the earth mound used to encase the instrumentation and control tanks and protect equipment. note the test stand in the background right. - marshall space flight center, redstone rocket (missile) test stand, dodd road, huntsville, madison county, al 1995 | 5 x 7 in.haer ala,45-huvi.v,7a--12 | haer ala,45-huvi.v,7a--12 loc.gov

  • breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that restores shape to your breast after a mastectomy — surgery that removes your breast to treat or prevent breast cancer. breast reconstruction with flap surgery involves taking a section of tissue from one area of your body — most often your abdomen — and relocating it to create a new breast mound. mayoclinic.org

  • "parents should be just as aware of fire ants in the fall as the spring, because it's dangerous for a child to step in a fire ant mound this time of the year and be stung," said dr. j. allen meadows, acaai president. "unlike other times of the year, you do not have to step in a mound to get a sting." medicinenet.com

  • this is a normal ultrasound of the fetus performed at 17 weeks gestation. the fetal face can be seen in the middle of the screen. the head is tilted left toward the placenta, which can be seen as a mound in the left of the ultrasound image. both eyes are visible, and the area of white within the eye is the lens. other facial features, such as the nose and mouth, are also visible. medlineplus.gov

  • verena schuenemann, of the university of tubingen in germany, and colleagues extracted dna from the bones and teeth of 109 people from the east smithfield mass burial site in london – all victims of the black death buried from 1348 to 1350. as a control, they also retrieved dna from 10 people buried at another site before the time of the plague. y. pestis genes were found in samples from the mass burial site but not the control site. medpagetoday.com

  • though it has lately come to connote some scandal, my alma mater is pennsylvania state university. there is a legend about the mountain that stands next to beaver stadium in state college, pennsylvania. nit-a-nee was a native american princess whose lover, lion’s paw, was killed in battle protecting the tribe. the princess carried the warrior’s body to the center of the valley and built a burial mound high and sturdy. the mound grew to a mountain and the mountain would protect happy valley forever. the name “nit-a-nee” means “barrier against the wind.” the legend of the princess would be the namesake for mount nittany and for penn state’s nittany lions. merckmanuals.com

  • taken together, the present smfret, anisotropy, and quenching data and our previous protein-stability experiments13 unveil contrasting behaviors of mistic in nonionic vs. zwitterionic micelles: whereas polar headgroup contacts in small zwitterionic micelles induce a compact fold that is thermodynamically stable in spite of poor shielding from the aqueous solvent, mistic readily sacrifices tight intramolecular packing for the benefit of deeper hydrophobic burial accompanied by greater stability as the size of nonionic micelles is increased. thus, although intramolecular interactions enabled by protein compaction and the release of hydration water molecules upon hydrophobic burial generally make important contributions to protein stability,4,5 neither of these factors governs the thermodynamic stability of mistic. nih.gov