cai Definitions


anglicized form of a korean surname

conodont alteration index, an estimate of the maximum temperature reached by a sedimentary rock.


, a type of mineral.

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  • data were prepared and processed by the following members of the division of business establishment systems (dbes), shirley tsai (acting) and michael dorsey (acting), mangala kuppa (prior) chiefs; raymond brown, noel cox, ali latif, reuel paredes, william plaskie, carl smahaj, natasha tsyryulnikova, pat walker, and shane warren of the dbes procedures branch, usha gundlapudi, chief; omar bonilla, margarita gershkovich, andrea jones, david lambe, hyunjoo reed, and davis truong of the database systems branch, mike dorsey, chief; vladimir kogan, and henggao cai of the es-202 systems branch, michael dorsey (acting), chief. bls.gov

  • historically sipp interviews were conducted in 4-month intervals, or “waves.” in the 2008 and earlier sipp panels, each wave included the same set of core questions about the previous 4 months, or reference period, and a set of topical questions that varied from wave to wave. the 2008 panel had 16 waves spanning 6 years (may 2008 to november 2013). the sipp was reengineered following the 2008 panel, with the subsequent 2014 panel collecting data in 12-month intervals over 4 annual waves spanning january 2013 to december 2016.  in the 2014 panel, all questions are asked in every interview. both the 2008 and 2014 sipp are collected using cai (computer assisted interviews) either in person or via telephone. as in previous sipp panels, interviewers return to the same household (not housing unit) and attempt to follow people interviewed in the first wave even if they move. census.gov

  • the short answer to the first question can be found on wikipedia: paper was invented in china by cai lun in ad 105. but basbanes wanted to know how it was discovered and made. so he went to china, where ancient papermaking practices are still employed. after describing the chinese processes, he traces its slow evolution and application throughout the arabic world, europe, and the new world. for background, on paper also explains other methods of recording history—stone, clay tablets, papyrus—and how paper gradually assumed the dominant position. cia.gov

  • feng, j, li t, yee r, yuan y, bai c, cai m, shi w, embers m, brayton c, saeki h, gabrielson k, zhang y. (2019) stationary phase persister/biofilm microcolony of borrelia burgdorferi causes more severe disease in a mouse model of lyme arthritis: implications for understanding persistence, post-treatment lyme disease syndrome (ptlds), and treatment failure. discov med 27(148):125-138. hhs.gov

  • bloodline rising db73382 8 hours 2 minutes by katy moran read by graeme malcolm seventh-century constantinople. young cai, a thief, is held captive on a trading ship bound for britain—the home his father, a ruthless barbarian assassin, fled long ago. somehow his anglish captors know more about the secrets of his family than he does. companion to bloodline (db 69959). for grades 6-9. 2009. loc.gov

  • hancheng cai, phd, is a radiochemist and molecular imaging scientist. my clinical work focus on fda cgmp pet drug production facility implementation and operation. briefly, dr. cai oversees all the clinical production of pet tracers at mayo clinic florida, leads a team to produce fda-approved pet drugs for daily clinical use, and investigational tracers (f-18/c-11 labeled compounds as inds) for pet imaging of cancer cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders in human. mayoclinic.org

  • dr. cai said it remains to be seen whether patients with early-stage cancer need to postpone their treatments during the covid-19 pandemic or whether immunotherapy aggravates severe outcomes in cancer patients with covid-19. for now, she said, cancer patients should have individualized treatment plans based on their tumor type and stage. medicinenet.com

  • the ldt study showed central adrenal sufficiency in 72 patients and cai in 73 patients. considering the lower quartile of maximum sc value (21 nmol/l) in the cas group, an intermediate cai (incai) group and a real cai (rcai) group were defined. regarding the median maximum value of serum cortisol levels in the incai group, a new serum cortisol cutoff value of 450 nmol/l was established. furthermore, 91% of the patients in the rcai group were below this cutoff value. medpagetoday.com

  • interestingly, cai et al. [19] reported that removal of the entire spry domain (from m285 on) led to a similar vesicular distribution as in k279a. this result suggests that the wkkmfr motif must reside in the linker region between the trim and spry domains to properly perform its function. presumably, if the motif is only attached to the trim domain as a c-terminal tail, k279 and/or the other basic residues may form salt bridges with acidic residues on the domain surface, making it inaccessible for interactions that promote correct localization and function. nih.gov