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  • a primary care physician treats you with your medical and family history in mind. jeff cain, md, president of the american academy of family physicians, believes “you’ll get better health care from a primary care doctor because they understand a lot of specific things about you like your family, your lifestyle choices like smoking, as well as diet and exercise patterns.” everydayhealth.com

  • eve and adam had three children: cain, abel and seth; cain later slew abel in a fit of jealousy… the fruit of the tree of knowledge often is depicted as an apple, but that is not explicitly stated in the bible… in cartoons and other drawings, adam and eve are usually shown wearing fig leaves; genesis 3:7 states that adam and eve “sewed fig leaves together and made loincloths for themselves”… in hebrew myth, eve was preceded by lilith, an earlier wife of adam. lilith argued with adam, disappeared, and was replaced by eve. factmonster.com

  • professor abel in the chemistry department of firefly university is collaborating with prof. cain in firefly's biology department. their collaborative research is yielding some very exciting results and they decide to form hotchem, a company they hope will be able to market the results of their research. in doing so, they hire dr. richard olson, a long time colleague at venus university to become president of the company. dr. cain becomes the chief scientific officer and professor abel the vice president for business development. they are both listed as officers of hotchem. cain and abel have not disclosed to the university their relationship with, let alone co-ownership of, the company. hhs.gov

  • herman cain pulls out of presidential race (dec. 3): herman cain suspends his campaign for the u.s. presidency. cain announces his decision after a new des moines register poll showed a sharp drop of support for him and after a fifth woman, ginger white, came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct. infoplease.com

  • this is herman cain: my journey to the white house db73799 6 hours 0 minutes by herman cain read by jake williams autobiography of republican 2012 presidential candidate herman cain (born 1945). relates his childhood in georgia and his parents’ values of faith and hard work. describes his successful business career, entrance into the public sphere, and political beliefs. bestseller. 2011. loc.gov

  • cain, mark of: the mark that god set upon cain, the eldest son of adam. according to the book of genesis in the bible, god rejected cain's grain offering while accepting the animal offering of his brother abel. out of jealousy, cain murdered his brother and was compelled by god to wander the earth as "a fugitive and a vagabond." lest someone slay cain and end his misery, "the lord set a mark on cain." medicinenet.com

  • "there's a concern about them," outgoing aafp president jeffrey cain, md, told medpage today about energy drinks. however, the evidence of their safety is still evolving. the delegates would "like to make sure that the appropriate federal government organizations are able to move forward and be able to assess that," and to study energy drinks' health impacts on youth, cain said. medpagetoday.com