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a cairn terrier.

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burial mound

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  • a: yes, they can. like us, they can develop insulin deficiency diabetes (which is like type 1 diabetes in humans), and insulin resistance diabetes (which is like type 2 in people). the insulin-deficient type is most prevalent in canines, though older, obese dogs in particular can develop insulin resistance. the symptoms and treatments of diabetes in dogs are not unlike what humans experience. breeds that may be at higher risk for the condition include miniature poodles, bichons frises, australian terriers, fox terriers, cairn terriers, pugs, dachshunds, miniature schnauzers, pulis, samoyeds, keeshonden, and beagles. (69) everydayhealth.com

  • ancient buildings have long reflected people's fascination with the sun. stonehenge is perhaps the best known of these stone structures. another prehistoric stone building, in newgrange, ireland, and dating from about 3,300 bce, allows sunlight to penetrate to the back of the cairn only at sunrise on the winter solstice. the neolithic cairn at maeshowe on the orkney islands lets in the setting sun on the same day. and the bighorn medicine wheel in wyoming, one of 40 or more similar "wheels" found in the rocky mountains, serves a similar astronomical function. factmonster.com

  • "then, when the child of morning, rosy-fingered dawn, appeared, i sent some men to circe's house to fetch the body of elpenor. we cut firewood from a wood where the headland jutted out into the sea, and after we had wept over him and lamented him we performed his funeral rites. when his body and armour had been burned to ashes, we raised a cairn, set a stone over it, and at the top of the cairn we fixed the oar that he had been used to row with. infoplease.com

  • during our clinical foundations block, each surgery group of three students was assigned a shelter patient that was going to be castrated through the community surgery service at the teaching hospital. our group’s patient for the day was ricky, a tiny cairn terrier with enough personality to make up for what he lacked in size. it was […] merckmanuals.com