can Definitions


en, iso standards 11898, 11898-1, 11898-2, and its predecessor standards.

the andean community of nations.


a statistic estimator tn(x1, x2,..., xn) is can (consistent and asymptotically normal) if....

a chimney pot.


to know.

to hole the ball.

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shit canshitcantin cansackshit-canlet goaxestiflecan itscrapdumpbintinandsee

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  • that’s why bls produces labor productivity statistics every quarter that tell us how well we are improving our economic efficiency. these measures compare the amount of goods and services we produce with the number of hours we work. how can we can improve labor productivity? there are many ways. we can use more and newer machinery and equipment. we can develop new technologies that streamline production. we can improve organization and communication in the workplace and manage people more effectively. or, we can increase worker skills through education or job training. bls.gov

  • organizations with well-established credibility can maintain open lines of communication with their audiences. they can listen to the public and respond to questions and concerns. they can steadily correct misinformation, develop new messages, and reassure the public that the agency is working hard to respond to people’s needs. once lost, credibility is difficult to regain. cerc principles can help organizations conserve their credibility to effectively communicate key information that can affect behavior change and positive public health outcomes. cdc.gov

  • for the set of mmas as a whole, there is a further geographic component of change, the net additions of areas newly qualifying through reaching the threshold population of 1 million. it should be noted that the geographic components can work both ways; counties can drop out of mmas (as two did in 1992), and, rarely, an area that had reached the 1 million threshold can decline to below that size. census.gov

  • evidence abounds—bound and on bookshelves in growing number—that former cia officers can offer pertinent and valuable insights without damaging national security in the slightest. indeed, they can enhance it. memoirs can help clear the air. they can illuminate and inform. they can correct misconceptions. they can contribute expert opinions on current issues. they provide insight into what kind of people work for the cia—people with intellect and integrity. the authors of most intelligence memoirs clearly are smart people who obviously have ethical standards and who are concerned about how things are done and why they are done, not merely because they want them done well but because they want them to serve a high purpose. cia.gov

  • to change the selected formulary, access the recent formularies list through the formulary tile or the formulary bar, then tap the name of the desired plan. alternatively, you can change your formulary from the formulary section of a drug monograph by tapping the “change” button, then selecting a formulary from the recent formularies list. epocrates.com

  • this disease can be controlled and can be put it into remission now with so many disease-modifying drugs. i don't think we can claim we can cure this disease, but certainly this disease can be put into remission. you can almost live a normal life, as normal as you can, so i think you still should have the hope for that. everydayhealth.com

  • what this equation means is that when the air inside the can cooled, the volume decreased, causing the can to implode. the kinetic molecular theory would explain this by saying that the air molecules had less kinetic energy at the lowered temperature, causing them to strike the sides of the can with less energy than they did before. because the energy of the molecules hitting the sides of the can decreased, the pressure inside the can also decreased. when the pressure inside the can decreased, the much higher air pressure outside the can pushed in the sides of the can, causing it to implode. factmonster.com

  • foot drop can also be caused by injuries to the nerves that control the muscles that lift the foot. the affected nerves may be in the knee or in the lower spine. hip or knee replacement surgery and diabetes can sometimes cause foot drop. nerve damage in the eye, which can result in pain when moving the eye or even vision loss, can cause general difficulty walking. other causes of foot drop include nerve compression or a herniated disc. healthline.com

  • i can tell you right now that you can be a patient portal and you can sign on to any of a number of insurance companies, you can sign on to employers, you can sign on to google. you’ll be able to sign on to yahoo. you can sign on to revolution health. hhs.gov

  • 31. “when (in waking and dreaming) there is, as it were, another, then can one see the other, then can one smell the other, then can one speak to the other, then can one hear the other, then can one think the other, then can one touch the other, then can one know the other. infoplease.com

  • “i use every tool that i can get,” he said. “i prefer to cite free resources, so that any reader of my work can make a click and find the original article. things change and technology certainly changes, but they’re both the same idea. it’s nice to know there’s a place where you can find this stuff.” loc.gov

  • "initially [with] the milder forms, you can get some pain and some numbness of the tips, but the skin can change its color," dr. kakar says. "it can be red. it can be white. or it can be blue. and you can get these blisters on your hands. and it can be a very serious injury." mayoclinic.org

  • while exercising close to bedtime can undermine your best efforts to sleep, doctors say regular exercise during the day can do wonders. exercise can keep weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check, staving off other health conditions that can hinder sleep. it also boosts energy levels during the day and can help give you more restful sleep. exercise can also relieve stress, another major cause of insomnia. medicinenet.com

  • in rare cases, hsv can infect other parts of the body, including the brain and spinal cord. these infections can be very serious. herpes can also be dangerous to a newborn baby. a mother with herpes can pass the infection to her baby during delivery. a herpes infection can be life threatening to a baby. medlineplus.gov

  • regarding "off-label" use, physicians can prescribe, patients can use, research can be done, journals can publish articles, books can include chapters, medical schools can teach, students and physicians can learn, cme credit can be granted, but pharmas are prohibited by law from supporting, advertising, or promoting such "off-label" use, directly or indirectly. medpagetoday.com

  • inflammatory orbital pseudotumor can affect any or all structures within the orbit. the inflammatory response can be nonspecific, granulomatous, or vasculitic or due to reactive lymphoid hyperplasia. the inflammation can be part of an underlying medical disorder (eg, igg4-related orbital disease or granulomatosis with polyangiitis) or can exist in isolation. patients of all ages can be affected. the process can be acute or chronic and can recur. merckmanuals.com