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a historical region in the southwest corner of asia minor.

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  • this famous monument was erected in bodium, turkey, by queen artemisia in memory of her husband, king mausolus of caria in asia minor, who died in 353 b.c. some remains of the structure are in the british museum. this shrine is the source of the modern word “mausoleum,” which is a large above-ground tomb. factmonster.com

  • the romans believed that there were human beings combining in one body both sexes. the jewish talmud contains several references to them. an old french law allowed them great latitude. the english law recognises them. the ancient athenians commanded that they should be put to death. the hindûs and chinese enact that every hermaphrodite should choose one sex and keep to it. according to fable, all persons who bathed in the fountain salmacis, in caria, became hermaphrodites. infoplease.com