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en given name.

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  • new yorker writer jon lee anderson once observed “war has a way of making all kinds of killing possible.”[1] northern ireland’s long political-sectarian conflict known as the troubles was no exception. spanning the late 1960s until the good friday agreement in april 1998, the troubles left some 3,600 dead, wounded perhaps 500,000 more, and displaced untold others. what began as a civil rights movement in protestant-controlled northern ireland (part of the united kingdom) descended into a grinding deadly struggle. all kinds of killing were possible: shootings, homemade napalm, car bombs, and what irish poet ciaran carson dubbed “belfast confetti,” the detritus heaved from rooftops and across barricades. cia.gov

  • rory tended not to give up. on may 13, 2011 - his 12th birthday - he hopped into a two-seater next to his instructor and took off into the sky above long island, as his parents, ciaran and orlaith, and his little sister, kathleen, watched from the ground, their hearts in their throats and their hands clasped tightly together. everydayhealth.com

  • but whether too little melatonin actually causes type 2 diabetes isn't clear. "we found an association between melatonin and type 2 diabetes; what we haven't got from this study is causality," said study lead author dr. ciaran mcmullan, a research fellow at brigham and women's hospital in boston. "that's the next step of research." medicinenet.com