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initialism of en: a national trans-continental railway of canada


initialism of en


symbol for copernicium.

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  • cn: yes, stress that feels inescapable will produce hormones that create epinephrine and cortisol, which tear the body down. cortisol is your body's own prednisone [a synthetic corticosteroid drug often prescribed for allergic reactions] and is an independent risk factor for heart disease and osteoporosis. so stress is not just in your head, since there's nothing in your head that is not simultaneously affecting hormone levels in your body. everydayhealth.com

  • toronto has many parks and historic buildings, such as the factories in the distillery historic district, now converted largely to commercial and artistic uses. the toronto city hall is a modernistic structure completed in 1965. the 1,815-ft (553-m) cn tower (1976), a telecommunications spire, was long the world's tallest freestanding structure, but in 2007 the burj khalifa, under construction in dubai, passed it. exhibition park is the site of the annual canadian national exhibition. the skydome, a baseball stadium for the toronto blue jays, was completed in 1989. the maple leafs (national hockey league), raptors (national basketball association), and argonauts (canadian football league) also play in the city. factmonster.com

  • "phase iii final report: child abuse (ca) and child neglect (cn) in american indian and alaska native communities and the role of the indian health service." indian child and adolescent abuse and neglect are issues of widespread concern; however, no reliable statistics exist on the prevalence of abuse or neglect. recent data have indicated that more than 6,500 referrals for suspected child abuse and neglect were made to the bureau of indian affairs (bia), reflecting a minimum of 1 percent of indian children in the bia service area. this study provided comprehensive assessments of the effectiveness of ihs and tribal policies, procedures, and personnel in recognizing and treating ca/cn, and facilitated the design of an intervention program flexible enough to be used by american indian and alaska native communities across the country. hhs.gov

  • in addition to being classified as normal, acid, or basic, salts are categorized as simple salts, double salts, or complex salts. simple salts, e.g., sodium chloride, contain only one kind of positive ion (other than the hydrogen ion in acid salts). double salts contain two different positive ions, e.g., the mineral dolomite, or calcium magnesium carbonate, camg(co3)2. alums are a special kind of double salt. complex salts, e.g., potassium ferricyanide, k3fe(cn)6, contain a complex ion that does not dissociate in solution. a hydrate is a salt that includes water in its solid crystalline form; glauber's salt and epsom salts are hydrates. infoplease.com

  • [señora maria vial de prieto petting a huaso's horse "pirque," in a wheat field in chile] [1940] | 1 photographic print | frissell, toni, 1907-1988unprocessed in pr 06 cn 651 or pr 13 cn 1971:r04 ; previously assigned to lot 13274, no. 32 [item] [p&p] | lc-uszc4-12117 (color film copy transparency) loc.gov

  • the purpose of this longitudinal early-onset alzheimer's disease study (leads) is designed to look at disease progression in individuals with early onset cognitive impairment . clinical/cognitive, imaging, biomarker, and genetic characteristics will be assessed across three cohorts: (1) early onset alzheimer's disease (eoad) participants, (2) early onset non-alzheimer's disease (eo-nonad) participants,and (3) cognitively normal (cn) control participants. mayoclinic.org

  • riot control agent poisoning: poisoning by an irritant agent that belongs to a class of agents collectively known as riot control agents or "tear gas." chloroacetophenone (cn), chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (cs), chloropicrin (ps), bromobenzylcyanide (ca), dibenzoxazepine (cr), and combinations of these chemicals are employed as tear gas agents. although cn and cs are the most commonly used agents, many other tear gas agents have been used worldwide. most exposures are inhalational, ocular, or dermal and typically lead to complaints of eye, nose, and throat irritation; hacking cough; suffocation or choking sensation; and dyspnea. although unlikely, high-dose exposures in an enclosed space may lead to the development of airway edema, noncardiogenic pulmonary edema, and possibly respiratory arrest. medicinenet.com

  • mutations in the dnmt3a gene are associated with a form of blood cancer known as cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia (cn-aml). while large chromosomal abnormalities can be involved in the development of acute myeloid leukemia, about half the cases do not have these abnormalities; these are classified as cn-aml. up to one-third of people with cn-aml have a mutation in the dnmt3a gene. medlineplus.gov

  • "pretreatment with sunitinib may identify patients with inherent resistance to systemic therapy before planned cn," they wrote. "these data suggest that performing deferred cn in patients with non-progressing disease may confer a survival benefit instead of limiting cn to only the few patients who need surgery after treatment with sunitinib alone." medpagetoday.com

  • además de sus nombres químicos y de sus nombres comunes, la mayoría de los agentes de guerra química también tienen un código proporcionado por la organización del tratado del atlántico norte (otan) que consta de una a tres letras. por ejemplo, la cloroacetofenona es una forma de gas lacrimógeno que se comercializa como mace® y tiene el código cn. merckmanuals.com

  • similar subsets of ka cells are observed in the mouse spinal cord, where these cells are named csf-cn’ and csf-cn” (petracca et al., 2016). csf-cn’ cells are derived from nkx6+/pax6+ progenitors positioned in the p2 neural progenitor domain and in the dorsal part of the oligodendrogenic (pol) domain. in contrast, csf-cn” cells originate from nkx2.2+/foxa2+ precursors in the boundary between the p3 neural progenitor domain and the floor plate. most csf-cn cells are born around embryonic days 13–14 (e13–e14) (petracca et al., 2016). nih.gov